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Johnny Scrotum over at Young White Lesbians came through with the picture below from Inglewood. I can’t believe the quality of worsts coming in at the moment. It’s as if all of Perth suddenly realised, “Hey, we know shit. We really know shit AND how to photograph it.” How long has this graffiti lain in the concrete? Well I hope a very long time. If it was last week, Inglewood is really rooted. Will archeologists of the future unearth this? Well I hope not. Couldn’t find any VCapri Youtube, but we have posted Ex Capri Pants Tod Johnson crapping all over The Rolling Stones in a later band. Thanks Johnny Scrotum. I recommend his latest post. You may need fresh eyes afterwards.

V Capri, Australia's 4th crappiest band

V Capri, Australia's 4th crappiest band

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Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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39 Responses to V Capri

  1. David Di says:

    Bloody fool who wrote it.
    Should have read…..V-CRAPI……….rather V-Crapi and it’s probably just outside TJ’s residence………


  2. David Cohen says:


    Under the covers,
    The bouncer says: Don’t pay me
    Pay the ferryman.


  3. Anonymous Perthon says:

    Oh god, its 1984 and they’re playing at the Generator on Saturday night – meet you there


  4. The BCF says:

    The top 3 worst Australian bands?? Moving Pictures, Pseudo Echo, Air Supply? Worst WA band?..


  5. David Di says:

    The Frames(PUKE),

    Swinging Blue Jeans(DOUBLE PUKE)…………….

    THE JETS……….Bluarghhhhhhh.



  6. twiceremoved says:

    Worst three perth bands:
    Ice Tiger
    Flying Fonzarelies
    Jam Tarts and Nancing Quartet


  7. Shane Dillon says:

    Worst Perth Bands:

    Thou Gideon


  8. Nifty says:

    This blog/site whatever you call it, is probably not the best place to post as I would like an answer to my question PDQ. But wtf anyway? Up and over the top:

    Trouble is, in this post I probably cant manage the 80% gratuitous tosh supposedly required of it. The post exists merely because I want something. Sorry I can’t do that very Pommy thing called sycophancy either, but here goes again

    I had the terrible misfortune of living in Perth between the years 1980-83
    They were among the best years of my life, How sad is that?

    Besides not having to bother about shoe-laces because of that supreme Aussi innovation in foot-ware (stop right there Nifty), one of the highlights of this miserable existence was of course the infamous Sunday Sessions. Enduring memories last of The Frames and other bands too numerous to mention. I thought that most of them were pretty good, so refreshing after a life-time of some of the dross that gets peddled in Europe. Perhaps it was a case of ‘the other mans’ grass’, that was sometimes a tad expensive to.

    I would like to get access to something like U tube where I can get hold of some recording of The Frames, in particular a number that they did, don’t remember the exact title but one of the main lines was:

    ‘Did you hear about my frienda,
    he got hit by a fender
    now I think he’s on the menda….

    Perhaps The Frames never considered themselves good enough to be recorded, or perhaps it was before the time of digital recording, whatever, I can’t find anything.

    If you can be assed to help, please send a link if one exists to me either at marshy1953@hotmail.com or back on this site



    • Onanist says:


      That song is actually by Australian Crawl and it’s title is “Indisposed” a ditty about a bloke being run over.

      It is from their 1980 debut album “The Boys Light Up”.


      • Onanist says:

        My bad: “its”.


      • Nifty says:

        Thank you very much for taking the time to reply.


      • Nifty says:

        I had been thinking about the line i quoted.

        Could be about a bloke that is mad about guitars, that is why i wanted to send a link to a guy i ‘know’ on the net. He calls himself patocaster. Trouble is, that the links that I have found don’t seem to be the same ( in fact, their bloody tame) when compared to those i heard in Perth. Perhaps that is because hearing them now is not middy assisted, and, there are no sex crazed sheila’s wafting their pheramones everywhere. Here I go again into a world of lyrics that I have heard in the past.

        ‘Things just donna seem he same ‘

        or somat like that

        know what I mean?



        • Snuff says:

          Lately things just don’t seem the same” is of course the second line of Hendrix’s “Purple Haze”, Nifty, but I suspect you’re after another Australian Crawl song entitled “Things don’t seem”. Here’s the video so you can check.

          p.s. LyricRat is pretty good for what ails ya.


        • Onanist says:

          It is entirely my pleasure to flex my musical trivia muscles.
          By the way, you wrote: “or somat like that” are you from Yorkshire?


          • nifty says:


            nah Mate

            I from Windsor actually,

            But a misspent youth and aversion to the straight and narrow seems to have led me ashtray somewhere ore uther and I seem to have spent most of my life wastin’ it while I could. No regrets. (Edith Piaf)

            BTW suprised yew din’t pick me up on ‘know what i mean’, may I ask where do u, my god, s bloody c*ntageous, I think im cachin text speak, its, ot if you preffer it’s sew slack ain it, a?

            Whew! that’s better!

            OH is from Yorkshire but she escaped to The South many years ago ( too many) and has since been civilised.

            May I ask, where are you from old chap? (pom for mate)

            and BTW I shouldn’t flex those muscles too much, you’ll go blind otherwise.


            Sharp as a serpents tooth a mate?
            I reckon there may be dozens of lyrics that contain this line. an yew no wat, they are bloody well right. Or did Supertramp get there first?

            Never hard of the singing rodent before, but thanks for the link, how it is supposed to assist me in my search for reality, i’m blowed if i know. I should be so lucky, hey wasn’t that some aussi tort’

            thanks for your time

            an sorry for beyin so slack wiv me reply.



      • Sam Armytage says:

        how does dance rhyme with performance ? only james reyne can do that.genius.


  9. Dexter says:

    Hey, the Frames and V-Capri were good covers bands and nothin more. Whadda ya want in Perth at the Booragoon,Raffles,Generator,Nookenburra, Herdsman etc in the early 80’s, friggin U2?

    No doubt i spilled beer on your Ciaks as i stumbled by.


  10. Don Benitto says:

    Hey I just found this page while getting ready to go to The Jets reunion gig tonight at the Charles. So now I’ve found it I want to ask……..does anyone remember an 80’s Perth band called L’Rockaderos?
    They were all Uni geek types and played their own stuff that was a mostly romantic pop with a twist. (except their version of Keep me hanging on as ripped from Vanilla Fudge)
    Anyway just want to see anyone remembers.


    • El Guisto says:

      I remember them, I saw them at Hernando’s Hideaway, where myself and 3 friends ordered 2 sausage rolls each thus in one go exhausting the food supply of the said establishment.
      There was an execrable cover band supporting. Even worse than the sausage rolls.


  11. cowpat says:

    See you all at the Charles tonight for the reunion concert. Only $30 at the door


  12. The Legend 101 says:

    Maybe someones name Is Vicent Capri.


  13. CMJ says:

    Worst? Mustang, Mars Bastards, Vacsonicuum. Tora Tora. Best? Outstation.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Anonymous says:

    Best freebee …Jinks .. Thursdays at the Warwick round 84-85


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  16. Anonymous says:

    Best…. Adam Said Galore , Worm Farm, O!, … Worst….. Geez theres so many. I remember an absolute stinking outfit called Satellite 5. They were so bad it was funny.


  17. El Guisto says:

    Worst band without doubt was True Colours, an ensemble that should have been named ‘True Wankers’.
    They featured a shrimp of a singer who wore 6 inch disco heels to give him a stature on par with the shortest 3% of the population (hint – he later sang in Ice Wanker, er, sorry Ice Tiger I meant).
    Then there was the self proclaimed ‘greatest lead guitarist in the world’ (oh no, not another fucking one), who used to include in his resume that he was part of Perth ‘supergroup’ true colours…

    You getting the idea here?


  18. Sam Armytage says:

    baby animals and inxs and the stems are wa’s worst bands.why didn’t they stay in perth.v-capri had one brilliant album can i add samantha jade..


  19. el guisto says:

    Yes I remember True Colours at the City Hotel as I worked behind the bar for a while. Over the many weeks I was forced to listen to aforementioned ensemble I never once saw the place anywhere near being packed.
    I do remember their version of Highway Star. In fact the first week I was there and they played it, I’d just been telling my grandmother over afternoon tea that what the world really needed was (yet another) cover band playing highway star, smoke on the water, et all. Fancy that.


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