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Car Renal

For when your car has kidney failure. Another by Ljuke on National Mean Street #1, Great Eastern Highway, Belmont. 

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There’s something quite beautiful in the restraint in this piece Bento saw in Belmont. I kind of like it. No sprutting. Would have been too easy to have tried to slot a C&B in. Although would it have killed them … Continue reading

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The Cheese remelted after 3 days.

Chris D was outraged by this sight at a Belmont swap meet. Would Jesus Lazarus the cheese in an abandoned toastie? In Belmont? Cheese never comes back.  

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Are they connected with the Carlisle Lesbian Goth Witch murderers? Council merger cancellations might have killed that off. By JaneZ.

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Outrage Sunday 131 adverse fire weather

More scoop pics from New Canaan via Missy Rach. This guy isn’t as poetic as some whitegoods. I trust the wider shop sets that stapler-kisser Bento’s teeth on edge.What is the what? The fire weather is adverse. What is fire … Continue reading

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I’m no chemist, but since this is Belmont, this would be the chemical diagram for either Ice or VB right? Or the chemtrails falling that provoke the leaving of car bodies in front gardens. Or boozies.

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Turds on sticks

Skink presents Belmont’s turds on sticks. There needs to be a new scale for public art. Would we be better or worse off if it wasn’t there? A scale out of ten. I say that it is even. The value … Continue reading

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