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Another loss of nerve

Reign of Error documents another untriumph of the will. A Willagee resident (Carps?) pulling out nine months, NINE MONTHS mind you, into a a year long “leave the christmas tree up” jag. The work is done. The missus has ceased … Continue reading

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Would have been nice outside a vet. Even so. Willagee. Reign of Error.  

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Devil in Disguise

What’s the deal with Willagee. Is it trying to distance itself…from itself? They have the horror of course, but it’s not like they are changing from some embarrassing name. Featherstone. No Cock Lane or Callitris Way? By Dylan J.

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The Willagee Horror

“Cocos palms, grass, and underbrush were whipped into a fury; and the frightened crowd near the Dance Collective headquarters in Winnacott Street Willagee, weakened by the lethal foetor, “the carpenter” they called “Teh Carps” that seemed about to asphyxiate them, … Continue reading

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The love that dare not bark its name

WAtching saw this in Willagee. Is it Michael Jackson again or is it closer to THIS? And I forgot to post this worst from Outrage.  See 1:32 in.

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Moral Uplift

Two morally uplifting or spritually downdraughting submissions depending on your point of view. Cookster, aka Cockster, aka Spamster, (dude we love you, but we are going to have to seriously intervene on your arse over your PR spam torrent) found … Continue reading

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