To celebrate 20 000 visitors in the last month, here’s another Worst of Perth classic for yous all. This would be somewhere around 20 years ago at The Firm nightclub, which was upstairs at The Old Melbourne Hotel on the corner of Milligan and Hay Streets West Perth. I can’t remember why I took this. Probably drink related. I’m not sure if it was some special event. I think everyone is just standing around waiting for texting to be invented.


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Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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184 Responses to Firming

  1. AV says:

    I can feel the love.

    Anyone got any pics of Jeremiah’s or Gobbles nightclubs (both also in “the old West End”)?


  2. lazyaussie says:

    I pray someone also has pinnochios and Eagle 1 too


  3. golden1 says:

    This is a bit terrifying but I think I recognise someone in this picture.
    Meccano – what do you think? The profile of the person second from the right look familiar?


  4. Rhys says:

    hahaha nice shot i dj’ed there for 5 years , great photo


  5. dr pangloss says:

    great photo!
    check out the ‘tude on the dude with the David Bowie hairstyle. is that morrisey in the middle of the room?
    i used to go there when you were dj’ing, rhys….good times


  6. lazyaussie says:

    To the left of Major Tom seems to be a guy with some kind of fur hat, or knight’s helmet. Or is that hair too?


  7. BedfordsCrackPotFraternity!! says:

    looks like they were serving VB or Fosters – before the boutique revolution obviously!!

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  8. lazyaussie says:

    Maybe a can or two of melbourne bitter as well.


  9. Rhys says:

    dr pangloss yeah they were great times mate ill never forget em , i think they served emu export also :~D


  10. meccano101 says:

    youre right golden1! i thought exactly the same thing. it looks just like my sister in melbourne but i wouldnt tell her that.


  11. Sue Hammersley says:

    u lot a are a bunch of wankerchops!. did you know there’s gonna be an “official firm renunion” not that crap that they served up to you at the loft with the tenuous connection of
    some barmaid who worked there for six months, annie car, rhys, me, kelly, pat murphy etc etc. putting it together with anton maz from
    yummy fur. anyone interested, email me, it’ll be
    in summer in a suitably sleazy venue.

    sue (who the hell is susan hammersley?)


    • will rogers says:

      Hey Suzy slam dancer!!, Trudy just showed me this site wow great to think about those old time hope all is good with you. Take it easy


    • Erica says:

      That would be cool, especially if it was all the old people that used to go there. If I’m in Perth, I’ll go :P


      • Grrr says:

        The “official” Firm Reunion died a death.
        There is now a Loft Reunion I believe.
        They should do a Back To The Firm night at The Loft Rebooted at Bar Open. Perhaps on the same night they do a Limbos techno reunion night in the other room/other floor.


    • sarah says:

      for sure, only place i could get in underage


  12. rhys says:

    nah it’s not mechanno’s it’s the firm altho they are definately red parrot types


  13. rhys says:

    DOH!sorry meccano i thought your nick was in reference to the club that was there b4 the firm , sorry about that im still learning to read :D


  14. lazyaussie says:

    Wasn’t it Milliways or something before that?


  15. rhys says:

    yes it was i still have a milliways poster somewhere
    they were all good clubs


  16. Jim King says:

    Ah yes…I remember the days…

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  17. rhys says:

    i remember jim looking like uncle fester on acid


  18. lisa says:

    See (slightly tragic depending on your age) Facebook group ‘Inner City Firm (We Were There)’ for more photos if you dare.


  19. gigdiary says:

    great photo, got any pics of gobbles or other clubs/pubs back then ? the floreat ?


  20. Oh Gigdiary, if only I did.


  21. Del Quant says:

    After seeing this photo, people under the age of 25 could be forgiven for thinking that during the 80s everyone walked around looking like Morrissey or Ian Curtis. Wrong. The men looked like David Boone, the women looked like Billy Ray Cyrus. If they happened to see anyone who DID look like Mozzer – usually outside Dadas or a DSS office (ask your dad) – they’d kick the living shit out of them.


  22. skink says:

    I think that’s me in the hat
    I’ve still got that leather jacket
    though sadly, not that waistline

    I remember the Firm very well, the dancefloor used to bounce like crazy and it felt like the joists might give way at any minute. The stairs were also lethal – very steep and very tricky to negotiate after a few overpriced warm tinnies of VB. I still have a scar on my shin from those ruddy stairs.


    • Urslaf says:

      Hi Skink,
      there’s not many hats like that, and I recall yours at Mecannos as one of the regular features.

      Funny, I recognise all of the recognisable people and would have talked to all of them several times a week (For the young folk, it really was a club – drop in any night it was open and you’d find the same crowd there) Not that I knew all the names then (let alone remember them now)

      In fact, I think that’s the drummer from one of my bands at the bar in the paisley!


    • kate says:

      the guy in the leather jacket is my friend who I still see today, so I don’t think it is you skink…


    • Anonymous says:

      I used to stand on the door at the old Melbourne in the 80’s, and at the firm in the 90’s and I remember plaster crashing down from beneath that dance floor


  23. Are you really saying that’s you? If I remember the night was a promo for a band. I think they were called Thou Gideon. The lead ate dogfood if I remember.


  24. skink says:

    it looks like me
    I had a cap like that once, and not many people can say that.
    the leather jacket and earrings are like mine,
    and i was a regular at the Firm for a few years between 1990 and whenever it closed (I think I was a member – I recall a keyring)

    difficult to recognize yourself in profile – I shall refer it to the missus for confirmation – we spent many nights there together

    i don’t recognize anyone else in the picture, but then I don’t recall much from that


  25. skink says:

    well, my wife tells me it is not me, so I’ll take her word for it.

    thanks anyway for reminding us of some good times way back.

    nostalgia is not what it used to be.


  26. john k says:

    i was a regular there.
    even had the members keyring.
    does anyon e remember that lad in the Killing Joke Leather jacket.
    and the manageress with the baldy head with mohawk.


  27. I remember the mohawk woman. I wish you had that keyring still for a photo.


  28. john k says:

    i remember mike from faith no more turned up after a gig.
    surrounded by birds, the jammy get.


  29. john k says:

    had keyring for years.
    but it fell apart totally. COULDN’T EVEN READ THE WRITING ON THE BACK
    should have took it off me main bunch, and stuck it in a drAWER.


  30. La Plaza Bentley says:

    Thou Gideon! Hideous flashback you’ve induced there LA.


  31. Aaron Laird says:

    Ha! Thou gideon were hilarious with their dog-food and power-tool antics on stage!

    Loved the Firm. Danced my arse to the wax of Rhys, Dan Tha Man (a mere babe back then), and my old fave, David Zahari.

    God damn I was 19 and working at the Aberdeen. I spent two years dancing, drinking, tripping, fucking, and laughing my arse off.

    Drinks for Aberdeen workers at The Firm were one dollar for quite some time! If they hadn’t closed I’d never have left.

    I even loved “The Infirmary”! You cannot stop us!

    Sue Hammersley will always remain in my mind as the ultimate big-sister of my club days.

    My own sister, Anna, graced the dance-floors of Milliways when I was too young to get in. (around 15)


    • Chris Jones says:

      Cheers Aaron. Gave me a right old laugh to see your name again after 20 years.
      Dave’s good, btw, and not (as reffed in another thread) a podgy geek (lol). Seeing him in a few weeks, as it goes…
      Very sad to hear Roy Jopson is no longer with us. So many happy memories (like having the cleaners shoo me off the dancefloor at 8am and having to tell Roy to stop playing Break 4 Love at 33)


      • Aaron Laird says:

        Chris! Ha. What a blast from the past. Glad to hear you’re still in touch with Dave. Quality good times had then. My love to all the London posse (teehee “posse”) and any rap burglars you may encounter!


        • Vince T. says:

          Arron, I knew your sister Anna well in the early mod days hanging at the Golden Rail, Shaftsbury and East Perth Tavern and clubbing at the Underground, Milliways and the firm where I would dj on occasion. Remember many good nites dancing and drinking at the Old Melbourne band room and the Shents. Its a Perth thats sadly long gone. Great to have found this site and hear so many names I had forgotten for so long.


  32. rhubarb says:

    I have photos taken inside Pinocchios in the 80’s, and inside Beethovens in the early 80s somewhere. If / when I find them I will let you know. There’s staff shots, band shots and other stuff.


    • Peter says:

      would really like to see those pics of Beethoven’s if you ever find them.. and hey, Beethoven’s became Rumours right ?.. and the building, Dunlop House 418 Murray St burned down in July 2001 ?


      • rhubarb says:

        Peter, forgot all about it until I got this pingback today. I am moving at the moment, so when I am in and settled I’ll hunt them up. Sorry I forgot.


    • AJ Kemp says:

      Man I would love to see those pictures of Beethovens…I was the first swinging Black DJ from the USA when they first open Beethovens. please if you ever find them my email is WOW


  33. Judging from previous posts, you will be mighty popular if you find those shots rhubarb.


  34. What was the place on lake street? Lots of wall carpet. Shot some video in there once.


  35. Frank Calabrese says:

    [I have photos taken inside Pinocchios in the 80’s, and inside Beethovens in the early 80s somewhere. If / when I find them I will let you know. There’s staff shots, band shots and other stuff.]

    If theyh include Gary Shannon’s Almost Anything Goes Show you will be an absolute legend – I still recall the ads on 6PM with Bad Manners version of the Can Can as the musical backing.


  36. Snuff says:

    Hmmm … Lake Street you say, TLA ? Presuming you mean north of the tracks, the obvious ones were Eagle One on the corner of James St, and The Underground on the corner of Newcastle St. Something tells me I’m probably completely wrong, but the real monstrosity was I think named Hannibal’s. I’m not sure about the wall carpet as I never actually ventured inside. It was next door to a pizza place called Uncle Vince’s ( Vincent’s ), which did the best chilli mussels anywhere, and directly opposite an Italian store which featured some choice lamps and statues in the window.

    While I’m here, I might as well ask. I always thought the best venue for a club would have been the circular carpark directly opposite the Ent Cent on Lake Street. What ever happened to that place ?


  37. Hannibal’s. Had to video some abortion of an event called I think The Evolution of Rock. Peter Chase’s Evolution of Rock maybe. I forgot the Underground. We knew a girl that cage danced there. Ms O, are you a lurker on this site?


  38. rhubarbwhine says:

    Wall carpet – must be Hannibals.
    Ooops, you already answered yourself. Ohh the underground, forgot about that place too.

    LA, will hunt up the shots, give me some time though. Shots of Sam’s pizza place (for the gobbles / beethoven crew) and the opposition – La Gondola, for the Pinocch’s crew. A divided camp were we.

    Frank – I was working there when those shows were on. That seems a lifetime ago.


  39. rhubarbwhine says:

    Snuff – I remember those chilli muscles, they were legendary. Was it the Re store’s original shop that was opposite? I also remember that as the Pinoch’s crew ‘grew up’ we migrated to Hannibals. Sat in the lounge chairs drinking champagne and orange jiuce or pina coladas.


  40. Snuff says:

    Indeed it was the Re store, rhubarbwine. Thanks for putting a name to the place. Uncle Vince’s chilli mussels with crusty, ( in a good way ), garlic bread, were so deservedly and famously popular I don’t know why they bothered with the rest of the menu … nobody ever ordered anything else.

    As I previously mentioned, I never actually saw inside Hannibal’s, but now strangely, I wish I had … just once. I’m still unable to forget, however, the long queues outside of, it has to be said, southern European punters … all mullets and stonewash denim for the guys, big hair and shocking frocks for the gals. Oh, the humanity.


  41. Cookster says:

    Anyone remember the Wiz Bar? They didn’t have a license to serve full strength beer, so they sold Swan Light with vodka it it.


  42. poor lisa says:

    Yeh cookster see Ent Cent.

    That was a really, really really great place.


  43. poor lisa says:

    OK I’m on a roll. Some parrot punters at the lime spiders:

    and possibly more of that sort of thing at the links here:


  44. CK says:

    All of which puts me in mind of a Patrick Cook cartoon from, well, I won’t say when, poor lisa:

    “And so Ben Ean, we meet again.”


  45. Snuff says:

    Love your work, poor lisa. Thanks so much for those links. When I’ve got some serious spare time I’ll read through those zine articles.

    Some of the zine advertisements are classic worst, I think. This one >
    for Black n Blue Records may be the first and only time I’ll read an advertisement for a record store, or anywhere else for that matter, which enigmatically boasts ” Conveniently located next to public toilets ”

    And I’m sure this one >
    was Ken from The Equator’s beautiful take on the Red Parrot logo. It was arguably a far more accurate representation, if not at the beginning, then certainly toward the end of the evening.

    The caption on the Triffids photo is a charming touch too … ” If you don’t know by now which is which then you’re an ignorant bastard. “


  46. Groucho says:

    Just a couple of memories from this thread. Remember that little coffee shop called Ophelia’s or Obellias (or something like that) in the laneway between Gobbles and Murray St…also Ric Chan used to be DJ at Gobbles and I think he wrote a column in the Sunday Times


  47. jett [DJ WAYNE] says:

    OH MY GOD.
    what a fun time we all had Jim King i miss you and the missus


  48. melanie ross says:

    If anyone is interested the lead singer Mark from Thou Gideon is living on his property in rural Darwin and is a very good friend of mine….I moved here too in 98 needing to escape from Perth and a few demons…..He’s so chilled out now, and is DJing around town… trance, hip-hop, 70’s 80’s and 90’s stuff….very eclectic! From eating raw fish and throwing dogfood to growing pawpaws…..Oh how we all change….Oh and hi DJ wayne…..good to see you’re still around….I don’t remember many people from the firm days….too many drugs…..but hey… was the first club i every went to and it was fucking fun….


    • DJ,WAYNE says:

      Howdy , those were the days eh , well life does go on I am living in Delft Netherlands, and running a club i started called OUBLIETTE,(Where The Dark One,s Dance), and djing around the Netherlands , Life is good at 45,lol


      • John says:

        Hiya Wayne…remember me? Its John as in Vince Valentini, Jody, Crimson Boy etc?? Jeez you were like the Molly Meldrum of the Perth 80’s Goth Scene! Poor guy…you actually did so much for the Perth Underground music scene at the time but then cope so much shit from the likes of me. Its great to see you still in the saddle DJ’ing. Im just a boring middle aged teacher living in the northern burbs of Melbourne now so go figure.


      • Gregg Headley says:

        Wayne this is Gregg from Perth misss you bro


  49. Tren says:

    Was actually MY logo Snuff…..and yes it was a pisstake of the parrot


  50. Snuff says:

    Thanks for that correction, Tren, and for the terrific logo. I’m sure you understand that it’s not easy to recall anything related to Equator. How good was it that night the cops raided and couldn’t work out who was supposed to be running the place ? God knows it probably wasn’t much use trying to get sense out of Ken, or anyone else for that matter. Fine times.

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  51. oliver says:

    yeah phsycadelic nights wednesdays
    with me and Vincent djaying, i had too much to dream last night,. Oh man, im still doin it but its a little better still.
    Gotta take and gather & bring forth to accumalate yeah.
    Keep the faith brothers and sisters,.


    and yes i am alive


  52. jarvo says:

    hey guys – anyone remember rockwells, a niteclub upstairs in james street. I used to work there with Skip and Tony. Tony and I had vertical hair and Skip had a blonde mullet. Had some great local bands thier including perfect strangers, no more heros & johnny diesel & the injectors. also had boom crash opera their one night, it was awesome.
    wow, those were the days.


  53. skip says:

    Skip here. I have retired from the army and moved back to Perth. Just spoken to James Morley ( Rookies / Angels ) on email. Thet were indeed great days. No more mullet. Shaved head now. Havent kept in contact with anyone from those days . Pity.


    • Norma says:

      Hey Skip, just trolling the internet and came across your post, I worked with you at Rockwells behind the bar and Krissy at the time, absolutely awesome days, glad to hear what you are up to. I live in Dongara these days with, doing bookkeeping for quite a few businesses, still following Diesel and Suze Demarchi in Baby Animals, they were the days!!! Now watching my daughter go through it at 18, it’s a whole different world out there!


  54. Duke psuedoGuilder says:

    ” no more heros”

    Damn, I don’t remember playing there. But there’s a bunch of places we played that I can’t remember what the venue was called


  55. sarah says:

    i actually love this photo! it’s atmospheric and captures a whole different generation. look at them! this is awesome. post more photos. i know most people are saying how terrible they are, but it is what it is. a different time and place.

    at least the guys look like men, unlike the emos out and about today.


    • rolly says:

      That’s ‘atmospheric pollution’, sarah.

      The same bunch of bored young piss/pot heads are still around; just a bit older, a bit more bored/boring, and now polluting the atmosphere from both alimentary apertures.

      Isn’t maturity a wonderful thing?!


  56. charles jamieson says:

    Yo Groucho,

    I’ve been trying to find more info on ric chan.

    He was seen in Bali for quite a while, then he disappeared. Someone said he was nailed by some nasties.

    Any info would be appreciated



  57. Lobotomy says:

    Great times from what I can remember, many many braincells ago ;)
    bloke facing camera is a mate called Rob, bloke drinking from VB is Andrew that used to do some DJing.


  58. haydn says:

    hi guys this is haydn…trudy just put me on this site…how are you all…so many familiar names there


  59. Natalia Fan #1 says:

    I just learnt a new word – thanks Rolly. Destined for my next literary cuntribution, for sure.


  60. Mark Hanley says:

    Firm momento


  61. Mark Hanley says:

    The Firm
    unknown date


  62. handy andy says:

    Ha, yeah, I remember when it was Milliways, then Meccanos. I still have a few old 45’s with Meccano’s scrawled on the covers which ended up in my record boxes somehow. There was a time when it was a strip club, must have been before it became The Firm, maybe 1986 or 87.


  63. Ronny H says:

    Geez, has it been that long…

    After Mecano’s, it was a strip club (tiffanys) until 1992’ish, then the Assylum-[sic], then shortly became Firm 2, fun times!


  64. andrew says:

    thats me in the photo with the vb plastered against my face, to the left in the photo is my friend rob… lol
    andrew caramia


    • Excellent. Finally someone has been identified.


    • Urslaf says:

      Nice to say “gday” after all this time. Can see one of my groomsmen, two (possibly three) band members (The Rachels) and I think at least one dear departed. Plus lots of VB and B52s. Always lots of shooter specials.

      Back of my head should be there as I recall. Possibly front as the door frame at the back of shot was somewhere I stood that night.


    • John says:

      That’s right Andrew…and I’m probably in the back somewhere about to get kicked out with Jody for harrassing some poor soul (hopefully a skinhead)

      Just to add to the whole conversation, I went under the tag Neon Sid and ran rival one off nites down the road at Geramiah’s (had a frog logo I think). I eventually got myself banned from the Firm for flagrant self promotion. The manager eventually threw a bucket of water off the balcony to stop me handing out pamphlets. Fun crazy shit!


  65. rob crow says:

    …….. I’m looking for Annie Car from the Firm………………………………..Nansi Thompson and Blithe and Halcyon Saxby want to say hello!


    • Snuff says:

      Last I heard, Rob, and it was a fair while ago, Annie had moved to Albany. I’ll see what I can find later, and be in touch.


      • Snuff says:

        There’s a phone number listed here for an Annie Carr, Rob, and I think it’s in Albany. See the listing for the Woodbury Boston Community Primary School 30th Anniversary and Open Day on November 21, 2010. It’s a long shot, but worth a quick call.


  66. Peter ( Rude boy Rabbit) Roberts says:

    I remember the place and the faces. Serina Herbert, Rebecca Martin, Lisa (ahhhhh forgotten Lisa’s last name Rhys if you could refresh) and i spent many a shooter driven night.


    • PHILLIP PAYNE says:

      hey peter how r ya mate i too remeber those days mate all the rude boys and rude girls punks and skins and that dance floor that moved up n down how we never fell through it i don;t know great times had there drop me a line some time……….cheers PHIL


  67. Oh Classic, nothing beats the Dianella Pub and i know i should have put it on here.


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  69. DJ,WAYNE says:

    Why is this on the worst of Perth ,should, it not be the BEST of Perth.


  70. Andrew Tucker says:

    Jesus, talk about some good memories!!

    ALWAYS had the best time at the Firm, and saw it through all of it’s transitions right up until closure. Shame, GEX Y don’t know how to have fun these days. Sue; you would know who I am if you saw me……..would be great to see the likes of Jim King and Tuggy drop in here.

    Haydn; which one? lol….did you work there mate? If so, it’s been too long.

    Cheers and thanks for posting.



  71. DJ,WAYNE says:

    What about the RED PARROT ???????


  72. Doc says:

    Ric Chan lived in an old beach shack on Scarborough Beach. He drove an old Jag (not so old at the time) about 35 years ago. He had ear phones plugged into the radio in the Jag, very cool back then. Does anyone remember Big Joe the bouncer on the door at Eagle One. Alan Wright was also the bouncer at E1 and the Underground. Anthony Frank, Adrian Rainsford, Di Cash, Denis Barbridge, Paul Romeo, David Quinn seems like yesterday. Northbridge was a great big, safe play ground full of fun and good times.


    • MattE says:

      I was good mates with Ric he also has a Combi with the split windscreen…we used to share a ‘jazz cigaret’ before Gobbles opened and play Papa was a rolling stone. Adrian runs a nudie bar (i believe;-)) I used to be part of ‘the family’ we took over the dance floor with devils gun (KJ & Co) fun times indeed. White Wing Sydney were my favourite band, I belive Tony Malouf was shot more than 10 years ago.


    • I knew a cage dancer there.


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  74. reg mifflin says:

    Hi Guys!

    I have employed a younger person to process about a thousand photo negs circa early to mid-80’s, taken mainly at Red Parrot, Wizbah and Milliways/Meccano/Firm. We are using a gizmo that turns negatives into positives and uploads to a computer.

    Question: WTF do I do with them? Can I upload thumbnails? To a homepage? And what are the privacy implications of publishing a person’s image without a formal release?

    These negs have been time-capsuled for a generation. I’m sure a lot of you would find them as fascinating as I would.

    Best wishes to all



  75. John says:

    Here’s some ancient history that belongs on this site. Enjoy!


  76. Christina says:

    Fantastic blog and comments! Does Reg Mifflin have any more photos of Meccano’s? I recognise a few faces in those photos but can’t remember the names. If you have Reg’s email I would like to ask him personally about more photos. I am probably in one of them! I was very much a baby then… just a teenager, and hanging around those nightclubs at that age probably wasn’t a good idea.
    Although the fashion was really, really cool and the music great. Ken Shaw was an awesome DJ.
    I think quite a few people who went to Meccano’s and the Parrot on a regular basis abused drugs and probably quite a few ended up having their lives ruined by it in the end. Sadly.

    Liked by 1 person

  77. AJ Kemp says:

    Does anybody remember Beethoven’s Disco in Perth? I was the swinging Black American DJ there many years ago…
    AJ Kemp….is my name…what ever happen to the owners of that club? Just wondering….Send me an email if anyone remembers…


  78. Frank Calabrese says:

    And here is Ted Bull discussing Gentle on Your Mind with Steve Gordon and Radio Historian John Cranfield –


  79. dude says:

    Or ripped on eccies…I certainly was. Great bouncer there v.laid back. Runnimg mam dancer..
    good times


    • dude says:

      Oh…more info here…my step brother Andrew was the owner of Hannibals at one point and he and my mother co-owned and started EagleOne. As a little boy I remember being in there during construction – LOTS of chrome, mirrors and black carpet. And mum having #1 or #2 of the membership discs in a drawer at home. She also had the niteclub (Lake st. ?) heading to the ent.cent. down from Fast Eddies.


  80. Rolly says:

    This topic is getting so protracted that it’s getting to be like an RSL bar on Anzac Day with all the reminiscing.


  81. Devvy says:

    Depeche mode and the chocolate layered mini icecream cones they served b52s in.. woohoo! Wait… what happened?


  82. Sarah Green says:

    Looking for people who remember Beethovens back in 1975? My mum used to go there a lot and i’m hoping to make some connections with people who either worked there or were regulars. Also if anyone has any photos it would be great to see these please email me


  83. Anonymous says:

    Hello Sarah, I was the first DJ there back in 1975. Sorry don’t have any pictures….wish I did….would be great to see….Take Care

    Swinging Black DJ…..AJ Kemp


  84. Jezza says:

    Perths own Crimson Boy have reformed and looks like they have a record deal !!


  85. jucie says:

    snugglepots speakeasy/coffee lounge west perth 1969?-1972?’s. Subterranean maze, cave like atmosphere. Anyone remeber?


    • Kerry Cook says:

      Hello ……I recorded Margie Hanly & Nick ? in I believe , 1971 at SNUGGLEPOTS . I am presently recording modern day Margie . I would love any photographic material – & anything else relating to SNUGGLEPOTS if anyone has anything – please !
      Kerry Cook


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