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Echo Chamber

Two art pieces fight it out in Maylands’ bustling 8th Avenue. The ironic public phone and the tongue in cheek Jesus Jockey. Get a room dudes.  In any case it’s all a barely suppressed up yours to stagnant Bayswater next … Continue reading

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Worst of a bad bunch

This is the worst piece of art in Perth. I’ve seen a lot of wall murals and this piece of crap is the worst. What do these people think they are doing to our city. What is wrong with them? … Continue reading

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Maylands Wall Eyed Mania

WA Toady announces that Maylands has gone “wall mural crazy”. The curator, the wonderfully named Leo Flavel surprisingly does seem to be in agreement with my point that those sponsored by government or grants are overwhelmingly shit… “All the government … Continue reading

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Free beer tomorrow, elephant gods today. Eighth Avenue Maylands is still shitting all over Rockeby Rd Subiaco. What will they come up with next? Free parking? 

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Malays Wanted

Lovely tarp work from Dan of Maylands. I think it’s Malays Cricket Club.    

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7th Avenue Redemption

I crossed the new Maylands Seventh Avenue bridge on youse pigs behalf today. It’s fine. I guess. The underneath reminds me of the narrows bridge which I do like. But it’s not the same as the old one, where hot … Continue reading

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Shoes of the fisherman

I’m not sure whether you’d be best catching some “milfs” on a lure or baited hook. Banana cake burley? Pete F. Maylands.  

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and Sniff?

They’ve thought of the scratch, but thought stopped before they had a chance to think about the sniff. Stop trying so hard Maylands, Subi is dead already. By Mat.  

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Maylands Monday morning merriment

A short photo essay by Chris of Maylands.

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Mayleo Paleo

Word has it that Russ Gracie in Maylands ( next to Dome) is going paleo. Not as in paleo-electrics, but a raw food emporium. So all the new residents in the Ross Salvage development can spill out of the soon … Continue reading

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