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Night of the long teatowels 

7 pm last night, we got an emergency call from Arts Minister John Day (of the dead). He said the swing was on and we were to destroy all arts infrastructure before Labor could get their hands on it. I … Continue reading

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Teatowel McGowan off the radar

Having the car washed this morning, and read a copy of the West for free. Haven’t really looked at it for a while. How embarrassingly insubstantial it has become. But, more importantly, only days away from the state election how … Continue reading

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Teh WAToady on the spot with teh politics. What’s the latest on Alannah v teh SDTT? Wouldn’t it be a hoot if the Train Queen ran in Midland, where Michelle Roberts has a 0.1 per cent margin! Ms Harvey has … Continue reading

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McGowan Finished

I’m calling it here. It’s all over for Mark The Slightly Damp Teatowel McGowan. Alannah is coming back to hang him gently on the dish rack. Her lukewarm support for Teh Towel all but confirms it. “Mark McGowan is a … Continue reading

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Wrote a piece for Teh Architect Journal. As did Alannah and She-Ra. If you thought mining journos can drink, I’ll put up an architect against them any day. From the various chats I had, (although I may have been babbling … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 116 supreemo

Ah well. I laid in a goodly stock of vegetation pizza before bounce-down yesterday, but it wasn’t to be. Perhaps I should have got Shazza to fax me some non-meat parmy. Pete F eschewed footy for the Royal Show, and … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 261

Was good experimenting with a more editorial style WW last week. Will try again. This by “Dog’s Bollock” Pollock. Seen By The King. Thing is, it has never been about looks with Alannah, (obviously) so it is baffling as to … Continue reading

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Alannah’s Election Fraud

Can we expect legal action over Alannah Mactiernan’s blatant breach of the Trade Practices Act with her campaign posters? This Alannah as a 15 year old Heather Locklear is not the Alannah people are getting behind. We want the bad … Continue reading

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Alannah’s Up!

Alannah’s running in Perth, my electorate! It’s great news. I couldn’t stand that prick Smith. Surely Alannah can defeat Darryl Moore, who lives in fucking Dalkeith! I haven’t met him myself, but I have heard a a journalist (not Outrage) describe … Continue reading

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I still can’t Swallow

(Alarmingly) small small bar Swallow, (aka Madcuntz MadKûntz aka Knobgoblins) is still nowhere near completion. The photo makes it look twice the size it actually is. I looked in the other day and there’s not even a bar in there … Continue reading

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