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Outrage Sunday 279 Midland fences

Only 41 days to go! Empty houses, barbed wire, spacious tarmac, lights blazing – it’s all happening. Looking forward to the candidate poetry slam next week. Will the ALP’s villanelle series see them hang on, or will the Liberals‘ non-rhyming … Continue reading

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Teatowel McGowan off the radar

Having the car washed this morning, and read a copy of the West for free. Haven’t really looked at it for a while. How embarrassingly insubstantial it has become. But, more importantly, only days away from the state election how … Continue reading

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Teh WAToady on the spot with teh politics. What’s the latest on Alannah v teh SDTT? Wouldn’t it be a hoot if the Train Queen ran in Midland, where Michelle Roberts has a 0.1 per cent margin! Ms Harvey has … Continue reading

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Metropiss. State Election Preview

With only a few days to go to the election,  (sad coverage of the last one here.) will the twin planks of Metronet and Metropiss get the slightly damp teatowel (SDTT) that is Labor’s Mark McGowan over the line? Or … Continue reading

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