Weekend Worstoff 261

Was good experimenting with a more editorial style WW last week. Will try again. This by “Dog’s Bollock” Pollock. Seen By The King. Thing is, it has never been about looks with Alannah, (obviously) so it is baffling as to why she thought she needed to go with the tricked up shot. It’s not like the Dunce from Dalkeith is any oil painting either. She’s just given him some ammunition. Team Alannah seems to have run off the rails a bit. mauled
And have people noted that Subiaco is having “vision scenarios”? With urban design framework scenarios? I’m not joking. There’s an activity centre structure plan too. Really. There is. “The visioning process, which is guiding the development of the Activity Centre Structure Plan, began earlier this year with a place making workshop…” Yes. A place making workshop. This is not satire. I can’t imagine Alannah putting up with crap like this in Neo Stirling. When you thought Subi couldn’t get any lower, they hold a place making workshop. And you can bet that the place making, visioning and structure plans were scuppered by old buffers who don’t want anything, and councillors who want to do everything possible that’s shithouse. Town planners will never get any decent plans for Subi through, until the old people die and the council gets sacked for some kind of corruption. Until there’s a single administrator and a mass grave full of pensioners, there won’t be vision one happening in Subi. The place making must be noded on council sackings and dead residents. There, I’ve said it.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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7 Responses to Weekend Worstoff 261

  1. Bento says:

    You won’t read that in the Post!


  2. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Subiaco is showing all the vibrancy of Claremont before they invited Multiplex to bend them over the car bonnet and go to town(centre) on them. I guess handing over every car park to the Wilson Group, who are not averse to a bit of pants-round-the-ankles work themselves, might encourage anyone thinking of doing some shopping or grabbing a bite to eat to say go … …anywhere else in Perth.

    Once Emperor Barney gets his coliseum built out at Chez Packer, who has kicked in the grand sum of $0.00 for having the State government deliver between 40,000 and 60,000 people to his gaming complex every weekend for half the year, Subiaco will be deader than your average registered lawn.

    Keep up the good work guys.


    • The vision node for Subi oval once the footy goes will be , let’s build some more expensive eaveless apartments facing west on the site! Like the ones that so fucked up the station hub precinct. High fiving ensues.


    • And in many ways Subi has had farther to fall than Claremont, which, let’s face it has been just a shopping node for cunts and a serial killing hub. It pretty much still has maintained it’s heritage.


  3. Bill O'Slatter says:

    Editorial : in this episode of Aristophanes classic ,Strepsiades (Duncie) and Socrates (Lannie) have their long awaited debate on the meaning of sex appeal.
    Mise en scène:
    Lannie has recovered and states that she is a all woman and as a result all the elements of the homo-squattocracy have attacked, the he-ladies being extremely jealous of that fact.It is just not part of the politically correct gay normative ,narrative,that a gel should look the best she can, she said .On the other hand, she says, Duncie wouldn’t score a fairy at a Mardi Gras and has been pronounced as unrootable by no less an authority figure than Tony Abbott. Having said all that,she said that if Duncie finally finds his man and has a gay marriage she would be all for it. In response Duncie remained sullen.


  4. scanners says:

    Snivelling snide weasel here. Gosh Alannah, that really hurts. We’re just worried that Darryl has been handed something tangible to attack you with, with the arrival of the enhanced image poster, otherwise he’d be floundering like Kevin Rudd would be at a modesty convention.
    As for Subiaco, hands up who can remember when they used to have bands at both the Suciaco and Victoria (now stupidly called The Vic) Hotels? I saw The Gobetweens at the former, and The Triffids at the latter. Tell that to the youth of today and they’d ignore you completely.


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