Alannah’s Election Fraud

Can we expect legal action over Alannah Mactiernan’s blatant breach of the Trade Practices Act with her campaign posters? This Alannah as a 15 year old Heather Locklear is not the Alannah people are getting behind. We want the bad hair, the snarling mouth and the spilling glass of Merlot as she takes Darryl “The Dunce from Dalkeith” apart. Who approved this photoshopped farce? It’s like a photo you see of a dead child on a headstone. If I could be bothered I’d start a “Bring back the real Alannah” Facebook campaign.




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Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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118 Responses to Alannah’s Election Fraud

  1. My Ning says:

    This Benjamin Button pic was probably taken just before Barnett announced he was going to take the Leederville coffee strip off Vincent and give it to Lisa’s mob … certainly she looked as if she didn’t have much to smile about when the TV showed her shlepping up to the meeting with all those other mayors to hear the bad news. Anyway, I’m glad Dazza didn’t try the same trick with his poster image – while Alannah might look a bit like Heather, an airbrushed pic of the boy from Dalkeith wouldn’t have looked out of place in the Hitler Youth archives.


  2. Shazza says:

    I’ll spare the ‘we can’t have women looking their age’ hegemony stick bashing. I’m sure Lannie has a good laugh every time she sees them.


  3. GivDBird says:

    Dear Gud! Either a fantastic airbrush fail or a wonderful anti wrinkle advertisement. Walaba ya face smoov. She should also have the southern cross tattooed somewhere….neck? Behind ear?


  4. Bill O'Slatter says:

    I’d say this happy snap of Lannie was taken in 1974 . Gough’s in charge.Lannie has been saved the fate of becoming a moll to the Hell’s Balls bikie gang by being sent to the outpost that is Perth by her family. She’s studying Arts/Law at U.W.A. Her favourite song is Hocus Pocus by Focus.Her right hand man is Steve Keogh , who does an excellent job of tickling academics.Derek Schapper, long time resident of U.W.A ,is in charge of its Labor Party.David Parker is leading the charge against a swimming pool at U.W.A. , and to this day it still doesn’t have one.Ginny Rhindheart is at Sydney U, attempting economics. Ginny will claim to be hounded out of this by “leftists”. Ginny’s Daddy invites Gough to her 21st the next year, but Gough claims he is too busy to attend.Ginny’s dad, Long Handcock will start the Worker’s party ( Die Arbeiterpartei)
    Everybody , at this stage, was safely out of harms way.


    • rottobloggo says:

      How do you KNOW all this stuff? Pics on Lost Perth?


      • This poster was on the pensioner barracks pre demolition.


      • billoslatter says:

        Iron Maiden do the best cover of Hocus Pocus, because they cut out the yodeling. There is a limited market for that, even in Armadale, which Lannie use to represent. Now how will it all end is the question. Lannie will be in the defense portfolio,playing a General Von Schleicher role, to an increasingly erratic Rudd. She will be eliminated in a Night of the Long Knives after Rudd decides to invade Indonesia , to “save us from the boats”.


        • Bill O'Slatter says:

          I might add ,Davo, that it is all in Ginny Rhindheart’s first volume of memoirs,”The Early Years : My Struggle”. Information supplied by the Special Branch of the Worker’s Party. ( Die Arbeiterpartei)


    • Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

      David Parker – the man who put the satchel into being a bag-man.


  5. scanners says:

    Another case of the ALP machine being unaware of what it’s supporters* are all about?
    *Includes people who just vote Labor to keep the Liberals out.


  6. scanners says:

    Yes, the sooner those numbskulls at ALP HQ distribute an image of the Alannah we love, the better.


  7. Pete F says:

    I thinki it somewhat odd that their web address lists Alannah before Labor.


  8. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    I’m pretty sure Lannie wasn’t in Melrose Place. But I may be wrong.


  9. Looks like she is gunning for the ‘Sarah Palin’ approach. First you get their stiffys… then you get their votes. We endorse this.


  10. scanners says:

    I don’t think Troy Buswell has the required smarts to design something that could have such a detrimental effect on Alannah’s chances of success.


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  13. skink says:

    nice to see that Lannie is rehabilitating the phrase True Believers.
    I haven’t heard it used since Keating


  14. Pete F says:

    We have a TV on the wall in the reception area, usually playing morning TV to show how moronic a workplace this is. Lannie made the pre and post 9am versions of this dross.


  15. scanners says:

    On the corner of Guildord Road and Third Avenue, opposite the now defunct (sigh) Williamson’s Motor House, there’s a commercial lot, which over the years has been, amongst other things, a used car sales yard, and a supplier of garden statues and terracotta pots. Nothing there has ever really flown. For the State Election it was festooned with a billboard of Liberal aspirant Sylvan Albert, who, despite an impressive effeort, failed to oust the ALP’s Lisa Baker. It’s now plastered with posters and a billboard of Darryl Moore. This morning I noticed that the lot itself is up for sale, so even the owner has given up hope. Good luck with the campaign Dazza.


  16. Could be first 100 plus comment post for quite a while.


  17. skink says:

    Tim Winton is on Russell Woolf at 5:00 this evening spruiking his new play


  18. skink says:

    I just looked at the link to Winton’s SHRINE. It says:

    Some coarse language, smoking, male full frontal nudity and drug use.

    I trust all those things will be in evidence during Wolfie’s interview


  19. Shreiking Wombat says:

    What say you?

    ” The City of Perth doesn’t really want the residential areas of Vincent, preferring to cherry-pick the valuable real estate of the southern part. The City of Perth knows that Vincent Council is desperate not to be split with the northern part going to the City of Stirling.”


  20. skink says:

    I got a facebook message from Team Allanah saying that they have had to take down the ALP campaign poster that they put on the billboard over Darryl Moore’s campaign office on Beaufort Street. Apparently Dazza from Dalkeith (note that they have appropriated that phrase) went whining to the building owners, who exercised their veto on the billboard


  21. Aaron Sice says:

    ^^^ you don’t think it was just the SLIGHTEST bit cheeky? imagine maccas being allowed to put up their golden arches in front of HJs. would you then say that HJs went “whining” to the building owner?

    edit – probably…


    • skink says:

      I didn’t use the term ‘whining’, the ALP did. Yes, it’s cheeky. Gotta love it for that.
      I don’t know if Darryl is whiny or not, since nobody in the electorate of Perth has ever heard him speak.
      if your entire election campaign is based on trying to outspend your opponent with billboard advertising, and refuse to debate or discuss the issues, then I guess you’re laying yourself open to this kind of stunt.
      and if a commercial retail establishment was daft enough to have a billboard for hire on their roof, then yes, I would expect their competitors to use it. Most retailers are wise to this trap for young players.


  22. rottobloggo says:

    Someone has published something about Mr Moore:


  23. skink says:

    we got a leaflet today that simply said ‘Labor doesn’t deserve your vote’ and trashed MacTiernan, but had no mention of the party or the candidate that sent it. Only the tiny writing at the bottom saying ‘authorised by B. Morton’ tells you it is the Liberal Party. They don’t even want to mention Darryl Moore.

    Alannah was on the ABC with Julie Bishop this avo and completely monstered her.


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