Outrage Sunday 116 supreemo

Ah well. I laid in a goodly stock of vegetation pizza before bounce-down yesterday, but it wasn’t to be. Perhaps I should have got Shazza to fax me some non-meat parmy. pizzasPete F eschewed footy for the Royal Show, and declined the offer of a personality test. He did seem a bit stressed though. IMAG1758Bento ignored the footy and the show: he grew sclerotic after reading about council election candidates in The Perth Voice: “Vincent giving Stalinism one more go: from the current Perth Pravda,” the ageing balcony-loving hipster says. “It’s pleasing to think the Voice may soon have a source left of that capitalist running dog Bluebeard Bainbridge.” Perth PravdaParty time or no, it’s all been a bit to much for me. I’m a bit stressed! I’m off to Muzz Buzz, where the signz give me the shitz. Krazy Kym loves popping one of my hot buzz ballz in her mouth. muzzbuzz

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25 Responses to Outrage Sunday 116 supreemo

  1. Bento says:

    Why didn’t they go with croizzant and zauzage roll, for conziztency’z zake?


  2. petef says:

    Not stressed DFoC, that was the last of my battery. I wonder what L Ron Hubbard had to say about goats.


  3. Frank says:

    Ain’t no fiesta Mexicana if it doesn’t come with papaya.


  4. BSWAM says:

    No, Muzzy.

    I do not “like” you.

    Not in…that way.


  5. orbea says:

    Every depiction of “food” in that banner is a shade of brown


  6. Ljuke says:

    Was greeted at Muzz Buzz one day with, “What can I get for you bad katz?”

    Never went back.


  7. Mattb says:

    I’m a bit upset my new flyer has not been deemed worst-worthy btw.


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