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Teatowel McGowan off the radar

Having the car washed this morning, and read a copy of the West for free. Haven’t really looked at it for a while. How embarrassingly insubstantial it has become. But, more importantly, only days away from the state election how … Continue reading

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Node vs Hub

Is this one of Colin “the Nincompoop” Barnett’s ghost light rail nodes? Or is it a Mark “The Slightly Damp Teatowel” McGowan Metronet Hub. Potato potato? By RR.

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jubilee twist

Diamond? Golden? It’s Krazy Kym’s 12th wedding anniversary next month, so the pressure is on. The Hallmark people say traditional gifts are silk or linen, while modern gifts are pearls. Yikes! They both sound at least $20,000.

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Premier Colin Buswell

This on the WAToady: WHAT is going ON in the STATE GOVERNMENT? Thanks to Lunchtime O’Boulez for the tip.

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Irrational Hatred #8: PROSH

Bento (aka Sir Bufton Tufton) says: “Why is it that just seeing uni students having fun and raising money for charity fills me with rage? I was muttering to myself at the traffic lights this morning, just because a cheerful, … Continue reading

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State Election 2013 Live

I’m putting this up early to remind people to take photos of their cake stalls and sossie sizzles at election venues tomorrow. ( perthworst@hotmail.com ) You may start commenting on Mark (The Slightly Damp Teatowel  SDTT) McGowan’s chances against Colin … Continue reading

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Metropiss. State Election Preview

With only a few days to go to the election,  (sad coverage of the last one here.) will the twin planks of Metronet and Metropiss get the slightly damp teatowel (SDTT) that is Labor’s Mark McGowan over the line? Or … Continue reading

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Pontifex! Pontifex!

An anonymous contributor writes this re Brian Pontifex. “When I was in Narrogin, bloody Pontifex Maximus was in yr12 at school. You couldn’t open the fucking paper without seeing a piece on Pontifex. Young Pontifex helping granny across Rd, Pontifex … Continue reading

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MyNing, who acheived fame with his bad photos of Paul Murray, now furthers his photographic  credentials with a bad photo of Colin Barnett. Inexplicably he also includes a shot of the back of the Premier’s head. His best side. Cunctatious … Continue reading

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The Wheelie Bin of History

I had made a bit of a resolution to give comrade Bento a rest for a while, for although he daily unleashes a torrent of fine worst, I thought some might be asking themselves “Where’s MY submission from 3 months … Continue reading

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