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Maylands Phenotype

The great thing is that this is post vibrancy Maylands, post Swallow aka Mad Kuntz Bar Maylands. Forget your Dan Murphys, this is true Maylandia, and long may it be so. By NF#1. The lack of Sigma in the drive … Continue reading

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Swallow Bar review

We went to the much awaited Swallow Bar for a real visit, and here’s what it is like. The front section is quite cute. The booths look pretty good and it’s all nicely done, but the place is just too … Continue reading

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I still can’t Swallow

(Alarmingly) small small bar Swallow, (aka Madcuntz MadKûntz aka Knobgoblins) is still nowhere near completion. The photo makes it look twice the size it actually is. I looked in the other day and there’s not even a bar in there … Continue reading

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