Outrage Sunday 19 Truthers Redux

This superb scale model of the Twin Towers will be on show in Kings Park today – but it’s not a swap meet.

No, it’s much more serious than that: Truthers still fearlessly walk among us, and they will have this model they built themselves, plus flyers, documentaries and other convincing stuff to educate us sheople.

“It’s that time of year. 10 years on and still no answers. Time to spread some truth and open some eyes,” they say on Meetup.com. “It has been suggested that being a Sunday we hit a more family friendly location such as Kings Park, where we have the ability to recreate. There will be a stall setup near the War memorial/flame in Kings Park with a “Google 9/11 Truth” banner displayed. Please come along anytime between 10am – 2pm and bring along family & friends, along with if you wish, something to eat/cook on the BBQs provided.”

They also have the ability to think TLA is a gerbalist, as Bento noted the last time Truthers were drawn to TWOPland. They were cruelly mocked by skink: “I blame the NWA: Dr Dre is in league with the Masons and elements of the Third Reich who escaped Berlin and settled in Girrawheen, where they have been trying to splice alien DNA onto the corpse of Chris Mainwairing. Ben Cousins found out what was going on and Ice Cube planted sunflowers on him to discredit him.”

If local Truthers aren’t your cup of nanothermite, buy a $77 ticket to see David Icke at UWA’s Octagon Theatre next week. If Truthers and Mr Icke got together they’d be irresistible.

“Join David Icke as he shares his new insights into the agenda of the New World Order and the solutions we need in order to reach our true potential on this planet. Speaking to a packed audience in Melbourne in 2009, the event was considered a huge success and inspired hundreds of truth seekers in Australia to start moving towards a peaceful evolution of non-compliance. David will be speaking for over 7 hours.” Proceeds towards helping fund David’s research into the New World Order.

No wonder the Dwyer/Flynn book was remaindered to $5 on Bay View Terrace in Claremont, where Dymocks used to be, last week. People don’t want New World Order propaganda pap from patsies – they want the Truthers! (Wait – a $5 shop on the Terrace? Is that a Worst?).

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9 Responses to Outrage Sunday 19 Truthers Redux

  1. sharon says:

    Will be speaking for over 7 hours? That’s some hard core medication he’s taking.


  2. The Legend 101 says:

    I thought they where lampshades,L.O.L


  3. Orbea says:

    Outrage Sunday. Not so outrageous.


  4. Brain Switched ON! says:

    This site is a Worst! …definitely the Worst site on the net.

    Hey I have an idea for you guys, you could have a ‘Worst Of Award’ and award it to yourselves at a presentation ceremony where only ‘the regulars’ could be in attendance, you could all leave your brains at the door, get intoxicated and scheme about which group of ‘minority’ opinion you would like to devise totally fabulous scoffing remarks about next.

    You could all sit around and try to out do each other in scoff-science and then at the end of the night go to bed feeling really satisfied that you did something constructive that day…. then the next day you could try to beat that record, and in a year or two you could change you name to Sir-Scoff-A-Lot and fight with the other scoffers for position #1, or maybe twist it all into a catchy rap song about your life of scoff!

    I wish I too were a fabulous scoffer, I could die knowing I did something really great for the world; I mean the world doesn’t have enough scoffers, keep up the good work…..I’m so out of my league however on this site, so I will leave it to the experts. Scoff away your lives and ridicule ‘minorities’ until you are satisfied that you meet the rigorous pre-conditions of a fully fledged one-size-fits-all CITIZEN. Don’t let anyone ever call you people a ‘minority’; I will confirm without doubt that you will qualify for full Citizenship of Planet Ape [back slapping all round].

    Read some history of the Roman Empire around 409.A.D and realize where we are in time and that you are the equivalent of stagnant non-developing human fodder that refuse to recognize their un-importance in human destiny and will be trodden underfoot and flushed like a toilet; Again! You will simply grab the feet of others as you drown and try to take down as many others as you flush. You are histories un-wanted children. Scoff-Scoff-Scoff-Scoff-Gurgle-Gurgle———- [silence at last]


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