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UWA. Lawrence Wilson gallery. We have probably covered this before. Without the smoking. 

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Sherry blossom falling 

Went to a UWA event last night. There was sherry but no mini quiches. True story. Dry, sure, but I thought even ECU graduates might draw the line at sweet sherry. Apparently not.  

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Parallel Parking

UWA. I don’t know about not reproducing. They may be doing it in the back right now. The poor parking may be haste in getting into back seat. Cut some slack.  It’s not really that badly parked anyway. By Patrick Z. … Continue reading

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Education Cuts

The Abbott Government’s massive cuts to tertiary education have already hit UWA’s Social Sciences. That chunk of the building is already being redistributed to rich white climate change deniers.

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Hot Mongrels

Another Curtin wag. But I can’t imagine a better host for this 公主 fest. “She may be a Chinese mongrel but she scrubs up ok!”

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Irrational Hatred #8: PROSH

Bento (aka Sir Bufton Tufton) says: “Why is it that just seeing uni students having fun and raising money for charity fills me with rage? I was muttering to myself at the traffic lights this morning, just because a cheerful, … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 88 go to Bunnings

If you hear a rumbling from south of the river today, it will be Shazza exploding as she reads this. The hemp pizza boxes, the recycled South Sudan coffee beans, the carbon-neutral Arts Centre orgies, junkies dying as they read … Continue reading

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