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Car Renal

For when your car has kidney failure. Another by Ljuke on National Mean Street #1, Great Eastern Highway, Belmont. 

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National Mean Street #1

Every frontage on Great Eastern Highway has a story. Kilometres of jaw dropping ugliness. Really like this one amongst the underage prostitution motels, cheap crap apartments and, apparently, indoor skydiving. Although would a relentless blue sky have killed them? Thx … Continue reading

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This magnificent knob is just metres from my desk. Who knew! Would an 11 have killed them? By Ljuke. 

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Rewarding Mediocrity 

It’s all very well, Ljuke to say that everyone is a winner and participation awards and “I ran in a race” and suchlike, but sometimes you’re just going to have to accept last place. 

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Day trip to Rotto

Ljuke assures me this is as shithouse as you might hope. And this is the A side. What’s the B? Two weeks in Rockingham? 

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A strong message

By Ljuke. 

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More Mannequin Madness

Ljuke sees James N’s mannequin house and ups the ante with the addition of a sinister leaking gas cylinder. Banyup? Banjup? In any case one of those suburbs like Southern River that don’t really exist. 

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