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Car Renal

For when your car has kidney failure. Another by Ljuke on National Mean Street #1, Great Eastern Highway, Belmont. 

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National Mean Street #1

Every frontage on Great Eastern Highway has a story. Kilometres of jaw dropping ugliness. Really like this one amongst the underage prostitution motels, cheap crap apartments and, apparently, indoor skydiving. Although would a relentless blue sky have killed them? Thx … Continue reading

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This magnificent knob is just metres from my desk. Who knew! Would an 11 have killed them? By Ljuke. 

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Rewarding Mediocrity 

It’s all very well, Ljuke to say that everyone is a winner and participation awards and “I ran in a race” and suchlike, but sometimes you’re just going to have to accept last place. 

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Day trip to Rotto

Ljuke assures me this is as shithouse as you might hope. And this is the A side. What’s the B? Two weeks in Rockingham? 

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A strong message

By Ljuke. 

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More Mannequin Madness

Ljuke sees James N’s mannequin house and ups the ante with the addition of a sinister leaking gas cylinder. Banyup? Banjup? In any case one of those suburbs like Southern River that don’t really exist. 

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More Fashion deaths. 

Remember this ad the other day that provoked so much (ie little) controversy? Ljuke saw another version where the all powerful (but unaccountably all losers) men’s contrafraternity call into question the doors of perception itself on the same ad. Original … Continue reading

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Early Opening

Ljuke shares the sight of this pair trying to get into the (played) Guildford Hotel at 10am. Surely they could find a $20 toasted sandwich and Foxtel somewhere nearby? Outrage’s place perhaps? Now that the novelty has worn off, is … Continue reading

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The right priorities

You know I’m ok that Princess Margaret Hospital is putting their effort into curing sick kiddies rather than the choosing of bronzes. By Ljuke.    

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