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Foreigner Driver

I guess in some parts of the world this note might be justifiably calculated to elicit a sympathetic response. The foreigner might get a little slack with their traffic faux pas. Big mistake here though. Just going to be assaulted, … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 25 induce this

The delicious distinction about Teh Worst is also worst. (Update: The Stoned Ranger points out The Echo is hiring). Speaking of distinctions, I’ve only received trivial death threats. I trust TL101 can tell us who Selena Gomez is. I have … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday V

Is it really the end? Oprah ostensibly bade us farewell last on Friday night, but I fear she will again lurch into our lives, a la Frankenstein’s monster, all too soon. What a superb piece of calculating candy floss she … Continue reading

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