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The hor is for sale apparently, but it wasn’t a good advertisement that the dudes couldn’t get it started for several hours. Insert own hor jokes. “She wouldn’t turn over, – even for money”… Now I was literally born a Valiant man, … Continue reading

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More 1980s

Some more I have just scanned/rescanned from my archives. I can’t remember where this house is. Looks like North perth. It’s 496 something. (Not william I don’t think,). Anyone recognise or know if it still exists? And my lovely old … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Coming Down

I walked from Embleton to Claremont and back yesterday and recorded the worsts. If the future wants to know what Perth was like on a Sunday morning in 2011, then this is what it iiiiissssss. I like that the vibrancy … Continue reading

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