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Smokeys Burgers

Did you know Perth had a burger joint with rollerskating chicks serving the cars with said burgers? Finally getting round to scanning my 80s and 90s medium format negs. This place, Smokey’s burgers was across the road from Ellingtons, sort … Continue reading

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Perth says “worst” in so many ways…

Seen by Anne F. Golden Circle 1976.  Scandinavian? That would be Miss Mauds then. How depressing that Perth tourism marketing hasn’t advanced at all in the last 35 years. The same mistake of featuring stuff that people can get better … Continue reading

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Perfect Secretary

A worst by Natalia Fan#1. 1979. Updated 1988. Cover model is a Grljusich.

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Weekend Worstoff 129

Tristan H saw that the downward spiral of Dunsborough is being made even more exquisite. “Le” boatshed? Jeezus. I wonder what Brendon would think? This is not connected to my Le Specs wearing.People have sent me this Morley wall before. … Continue reading

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Graeme Turner Puzzle Ring – Come Ride The Peace Beard

Oh peace beard sounding louder Glide on my peace beard Come on now peace beard Yes, peace beard holy  roller Everyone jump on my peace beard Come on now peace beard…  Cat Stevens, Peace Beard I have been chasing this … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 30

I’ll be in Bunbury for some of today, so I’m packing an extra 8gig hi speed card for the camera, because, well it’s Bunbury. Liam sends an amazing link from Realestate website of what at first looks like a dull … Continue reading

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Tumblin’ Dice

“To this day I can’t get aroused until I see a pair of rubber dice hanging from the mirror” Johnny Carson American TV Host, 1925-2005 I didn’t realise that there were still furry dice, particularly not loaded ones like these. … Continue reading

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