Bad Riddance

Primo greypower rainmaker Howard “Teh Riddance” Sattler has taken up blogging for those who are interested (ie nobody). He’s aiming to unseat Wilson Tuckey as blogging king. I have to take issue already. Wasn’t your sacking “craptacular” rather than spectacular Howard? Get your facts straight.howard

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Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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234 Responses to Bad Riddance

  1. Bento says:

    Honorous? Hahahaha. You fucking idiot, Howard.


  2. rottobloggo says:

    Goodness! His Facebook Females post is, er, epic.


  3. Snuff says:

    When dictating to old codgers, please don’t do it so rapidly.

    I thought his sacking was excellent, albeit long overdue, but spectacular works for me too.


  4. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    I can’t get teh internet in my cab.


  5. Don Smith says:

    I was interviewed on 6PR in the early nineties by Liam Bartlett, who had a night time show then. While i waited to go on I noticed the fridge was full of dog food. Probably some promo thing. As soon as Liam started asking me his dumb programmed questions, I interrupted him and said, “Liam, how come there’s so much dog food in the fridge? Is that in case Howard gets hungry?” Liam went white… but we continiued.


  6. JaneZ says:

    Oh my fucking god, it’s unmoderated!!!!


  7. skink says:

    FFS: there’s a post ‘Then and Now’ that starts off with some senile ramblings about golf and then warps into a winge about being misuderstood about his comment ‘good riddance.’
    In fact, most of his posts seem to dissolve into spittle-drenched diatribes against his sacking. It’s wonderful. I get to live his dismissal over and over again.


  8. skink says:

    his website has the suffix .me, which I believe is the domain for Montenegro.
    is Howard so paranoid that he is routing through a goat-herder’s shack in the Balkans?


  9. skink says:

    Sattler has started replying to posts on his site. He must have just woken from his nanna nap.
    He assures me he will not moderate posts unless they contain foul language.


  10. B.T. says:

    Skink vs inept bloggers, still funny after all these years.


  11. Oh and this is the video which so upset Howie in that post Skink replied in –


  12. skink says:

    ‘We have been out for a walk, then watched more television.
    I love One Foot In the Grave on Foxtel.’
    from Sattler’s FacePlant page


  13. And Sattler blocks me from his Facebook page after accusing me of being Skink – I think my guerilla campaign of F and C words worked – and the Sook’s parting words

    Frank Calabrese and Skink McStinky it is time to say goodbye and for both your sakes please seek professional counselling. You clearly both need it.


  14. Oh and there is this accusation – Howard Sattler
    Howard Sattler
    Frank For goodness sake! The fact that you have to resort to obscenities confirms your lack of intelligence. You are clearly a bitter and twisted person who is completely hung up on bagging me. It only spurs me on, You have hidden behind your crappy website for years. You are making an absolute fool of yourself of all to see.


  15. billoslatter says:

    Sir, it is simply the unnameable.
    Quote “Sattler survives and awakens later at St. Mary’s hospital. He suffers from various lacerations, including scarring from a large horn-shaped object and bruises in the shape of hoof-prints on his back.”



    Quoting the blog post in full to save you clicking on it

    Less than a decade ago I took life and my circumstances for granted.

    We owned a lovely old home in one of Perth’s best suburbs, I had a well paid job in my chosen profession, no health issues and money socked away for my retirement.

    I thought I had it made and that I was at least financially untouchable.

    Scroll forward to today.

    I own no properties, have no savings, no superannuation and I am battling to stay ahead of an incurable condition that threatens to cripple me and render my speech indecipherable.

    We are living in our second rental property and have no idea where or in what circumstances we’ll be living after our lease expires in April..

    I’m not letting you in on the intimate details of our private lives because I want sympathy.

    We are the victims of several of our own decisions based on bad advice from so called professionals we thought we could trust and legal disputes between relatives from whom we are now estranged.

    Then unemployment hit. The rest is history.

    Enough of that.

    While this whole experience has been gut wrenching, emotionally draining and frightening for the bleak future that awaits us, it has given me a refreshing appreciation of the daily lives of society’s battlers.

    Before my wake up call, I doubt I would have taken much notice of Ricky Indich, a homeless man who was in a Perth Court this week threatened with an order banning him from the Central Business District, in default copping a $6 000 fine.

    Magistrate Paul Heaney correctly recognised the ludicrousness of that scenario, noting that Indich wouldn’t have six cents on him.

    Indich has reportedly had 463 police “move on ” notices against him in the past seven years.

    There are thousands more like Ricky Indich living “rough” in our cities and suburbs.

    Most of them are living in poverty through no fault of their own.

    While I am not pretending I will be joining them any time soon, thanks to the loyal band of supporters and friends who have rallied to support us during our current crisis, I feel a lot closer to those like Ricky Indich who are stuck in society’s Struggle Street.

    How tough are you doing it?

    Please tell us your story using these blog pages.

    Hypocrisy thy name is Howard


  17. Yep selective racism at it’s finest according to Rattler the new poor person


  18. I was paraphrasing Sattler as that was the subtext of his rant that some B’s were better than others cos he is poor like him.


  19. Shreiking Wombat Ninja says:

    Only 17 more comments before we hit the ton.


  20. From Howard’s “Where’s Howard” FB Fan page – Good luck SUCKER

    Where’s Howard ?
    Back from swimming.
    It has been a big day at this end.
    We have had to do a lot of fixing, after the invasion of the trolls.
    Give us time, and we will have a page and a blog that will be free of attack.
    Just weeding out the genuine friends as opposed to the thrill seekers.
    Now to bed.
    I wish you all Sweet Dreams and hope to catch you tomorrow.


  21. From the I’m not a Homophobe but…

    At the risk of being labelled “anti Gay”, and I am not, allow me to criticise the latest chapter in the anti discrimination debate.

    Seems the Defence Department, in a bumbling attempt to expunge its ill-gotten reputation for sexual discrimination, has initiated a novel scheme to promote gay pride.

    It comes in the form of miniature gay pride flags that would be attached to lapel badges and cufflinks featuring the iconic “Rising Sun” the symbol of Australia’s Defence Forces.

    Unnamed Defence Department bureaucrats say they’ve developed the motif to portray the modern Defence Force’s respect for diversity.

    Its critics and I am one of them, believe it detracts from the military’s job at hand and risks having our servicemen and women becoming embroiled in a social and political debate way outside of their calling.

    Some among the troops will want to wear the gay attachments. Others will not.

    This could lead to dissension in the ranks and a potential threat to safety should the issue be raised in an operational theatre.

    Actions, not divisive symbolism, are needed to expunge the culture of sexual abuse that has dogged our armed forces in recent years.

    Some of the culprits who’ve been exposed in these grubby incidents have turned out to hold senior ranks.

    It will take a lot more than the display of a few hundred rainbow flag motifs on hats and chests to convince the public that the military is a safe work environment for our sons and daughters, whether they’re gay or straight.

    Meantime there are lives to save and a nation to defend.

    What do you think?

    Comment below.


  22. And here is his “Fan Page” where you can all spam /Howie – let’s flood it and ensure Dopey Despene shuts it down


    • And unlike his personal page – you can still read posts after you’re banned from commenting on it – Sattler is Stupid – he could’ve set up a secret FB page only allowing members to add new people etc


    • Shreiking Wombat Ninja says:

      Where’s Howard Facebook Nov 20:

      “Howard trying to relax at Juanita’s bar, Subiaco. Charlie, our new baby enjoyed himself. Great little place.Thanks Murray Gill and Juanita.”

      If that pic of Howard and his Paris Hilton mutt isn’t gay then I don’t know what is.


  23. The 2 man tag team are getting under his skin
    from Sattler’s FB page:
    ‘Ignore the spam warning and press through.
    Those pests are still out there.
    Battling them on all fronts…this page was designed for me to enjoy.
    Not so sure about that now.’

    one week in and he’s already floundering.


    • RubyRuby says:

      I’m much more enjoying talking *about* him in a forum where his world view is rejected and where he has no sway.

      Power? No, you’re an irrelevant old man, now, Sattler. Be quiet and leave the real people alone.

      And. HA! You live in Perth and you’re poor.

      What a looser.


      • Shreiking Wombat Ninja says:

        “Irrelevant old man.” Irrelevant, yes. Old, yes.

        But what sort of “man” has a Chihuahua for a pet. Those things are the cockroaches of dogdom.

        Chihuahua delenda est.


  24. This was posted on Sattler’s FB page:

    Hi Howard,

    Out of my love and dedication to you, I sat through an agonisingly boring 6PR drive show with host Paul Murray.

    Firstly can I say he is not a ‘drive time host’s’ bootlace when it comes to you. Given it’s his first show but with all of his experience and biased back up by the station, I would have thought he had at least some idea of the audience he would be talking to.
    Unfortunately for this listener at least, he or his producer had no idea. While his topics may have been interesting to some, what he has failed to grasp (unlike yourself) is that the afternoon audience is a completely different demographic.

    Maybe he’ll ‘get it’ down the track, or else his employers will panic at the poor ratings and loss of advertising revenue and do what they seem to do so well there ….. JS I’m sure needs to go.

    Anyway ….. just for yours and your readers and friends info, here are some observations I made via my sacrifice of 3 hours.

    Paul Murray on air for 180 minutes.

    NEWS/ NEWS BREAKS – 25.30 minutes

    ADVERTS/PROMOS – approximately 64.60 minutes

    5pm – 6pm – NO TALK BACK CALLERS !!

    Summary – So in 3 Hours (180 minutes) – 1 hour and 30 plus minutes was spent with him doing nothing. For the remainder of that time (less than half of the 3 hours, we were treated to replays of items on the morning program, whats on television tonight, some pretty heavy political bias, his own personal stock market report …. and not really very much else of particular interest, at least to this punter.

    On top of all of that, his very first guest was greeted with ‘Good Morning’ – although he did acknowledge his mistake and as it’s his first show I guess we could forgive him …… except he is, or at least is promoted as this great professional so on that count he stuffed up !

    I won’t be putting myself through such torture again in the near future, but just wanted to say, neither Paul Murray or any of the others, (maybe apart from Bob Maumill) has seemed to be in touch with their audience as you were Howard.

    Miss you heaps on air, but really glad that at least you are here for us


  25. Shazza says:

    I went over to Howard’s FB page to see if he’d worked out there security settings yet. Apparently not. Then I noticed Lionel (Yorkie) York was a ‘friend’ so popped over to his page for a gander, and found this little gem,


    • Shazza says:

      At the risk of getting all Frank on your arses, I have to share one of the very many hilarious comments on the page I link to above. This exemplifies Howard’s demographic,

      “dont we have FREEDOM of SPEECH..??? all howard di was ask a perfectly logical question and he gets the sack !!!! has oz gone spastic cos someone somewhere in oz might hurt gillards feelings we all know hes gay so whats her problem this is oz gone mad when people cant get a job you sack howard radio station ought to be ashamed”

      That’s gold!


      • Shreiking Wombat Ninja says:

        “We the people want Howard Sattler back, and we support you 100% Mr Sattler! This is completely moronic action taken.”

        Thomas Jefferson, 2013. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.


      • Shreiking Wombat Ninja says:

        Actually some of those comments are quite good:

        ” Read in the Sunday Times that Howard is worried because he has debts and no job. Well go out and get one you unemployed bludging burden on the taxpayer!”

        “Suck random dick for a living, it’s all you deserve.”

        “Tell me all those supporting Sattler…how many times a week do you have sex with your partner,is it good sex and do you think deep down that your partner maybe a closet gay?…….just asking, I’m being candid”

        “Poor Howard, he’s losing his battle to be a shock jock with at least some intelligence, and now, desperate to convince his listeners that he still has something to say that will keep him employed, he pulls the gay card – sorry mate, your choice and timing was a f…..g disaster.”

        “is Sattler a woofta?”


    • Yorkie is grateful for Sattler cos he briefly revived Yorkies radio career in 1989-90 by getting him to do afternoons on 6PR – failed cos of the racing – even though Yorkie tried havig competitions to win free bets etc


  26. Shazza says:



  27. skink says:

    I got a personal message from Despene last night asking:
    ‘Why are you doing this?’
    ‘Have you had your fun yet?’
    ‘Can’t you find anything better to do with your time?’
    ‘What did Howard ever do to you?’
    and so on and so forth.
    then she went all Sattler on me, spitting bile, making threats, for a good hour or so. They seem to be a match made in heaven.
    apparently Howard doesn’t fight his own battles now, he get’s his wife to do it. He posts something typically inflammatory, ‘I’m not racist but…’ then buggers off to play golf all afternoon and leaves Despene to cope with all the trolls and nutters.


  28. skink says:

    6PR will rise like a phoenix from the flames, because Baz is coming.
    like a dog returning to its vomit, Zemplias is returning to do the morning show


  29. From the Syria post comments at the bottom – not the Facebook plugin ones

    Aussie Digger
    DECEMBER 4, 2013 AT 7:32 PM
    If our Aussie men and women in uniform fight overseas they have to stay there ? WTF ?

    Cherri Rivers
    DECEMBER 5, 2013 AT 5:05 AM
    Too true Howard. Very few people are fullyaware of what goes on here with these people. Groups of Mujadeen have found their way into WA & are living under false names!!

    Aussie Digger
    DECEMBER 5, 2013 AT 10:45 AM
    Really, Cherri ? What are their names and where do they live ? Please post the details here so that we can notify the authorities immediately.


  30. RubyRuby says:

    Over-reliance on spell check?

    “Anyone who, like me has toured sanity twos like Soweto knows how downtrodden life had been for most black South Africans.”


  31. skink says:

    I visited the Nelson Mandela Museum in Soweto and heard possibly the most stupid question I will ever hear.
    Tour groups were very small, because the museum is just the tiny house where Mandela lived. I had the misfortune to be in a group with a couple from WA, both wearing Dockers hats.
    When asked if we had any questions the bloke puts up his hand and says:
    ‘When he was on Robben Island, did Mandela get special treatment, because he was, like, a VIP?’
    The guide, this old Xhosa woman who knew Mandela personally, looks long and hard at this bloke, as if he’s the most stupid man she’s ever met, and then whispers: ‘Twenty years, hard labour.’
    The bloke then points to a wooden carving leaning against the wall in a room full of awards and honours. ‘Look!’ he says. ‘It’s a map of Australia!’
    The guide rolls her eyes and says: ‘No, it’s a map of Africa. It’s lying on its side.’


  32. Poor wittle Howie.

    Where’s Howard ?
    14 minutes ago
    We have given up for the day…a few dramas with the other page.

    Despene has spat the dummy and will probably read a book and get over it.

    Tomorrow is another day.

    Meanwhile, the world has lost a great man.

    We should all take time and reflect on what he achieved and how he conducted himself under great adversity.

    In the scheme of things, a technical hitch pales into insignificanc


  33. So Russell Woolf is leaving 720 – Expect Peter Bell to be dumped from Afternoons and replaced with the Woolfster – small problem – he won’t be able to do Vinyl Tuesday – no Turntables at Fairfax –


  34. Rolly says:

    One thing that he was successful at was getting me to listen to ClassicFM drive in preference.


  35. According to Inside Cover The ABC wanted Russell to be “More Newsy” in competition with Paul Nurry – Woolf decided to Walk – expect a Wannabe Nurry type on 720 Drive next year – I reckon it will be John McGlue


  36. skink says:

    Sattler: ‘As much as I would like to get into a deep and meaningful with you right now. I have a golf game to play. Some nasty piece of work suggested my poverty and golf didn’t mix. It is therapy, I have to keep moving. As for the fees, my golf buddies chipped in. Enough disclosure?’

    Minion: ‘You should stop worrying what people are saying about your finances or lack of them…none of their bloody business.’


  37. Howard is actively using his misfortune to elicit sympathy yet if it were an indigenous family who did that he’d be calling them parasites etc – the wanker is an A Grade Hypocrite


  38. And Rattler speaks to the Online Journalist who owns the Rego Plate “The Ivanator” as featured on TWOP –


  39. Transcript is up:

    Interview Transcript:

    Ivan Leung: Howard Sattler, welcome.

    Howard Sattler: Good to be part of the new media Ivan, thanks for joining me.

    Ivan Leung: How will you describe your current situation after being sacked by 6PR?

    Howard Sattler: I am sort of out of work, I got lots of time on my hands. I want to use my time in a gainful manner.

    Ivan Leung: You were a talkback host on radio and now you are a blogger, what’s the major difference you’ve experienced?

    Howard Sattler: My audience are now world wide, I can talk to anyone on the planet and it’s great! I think I am getting a new demographic as well, younger people are able to listen to me and some are taking some notice that I appeared.

    Ivan Leung: Speaking about your blog, will it focus more on news commentaries?

    Howard Sattler: Well, the blog thing is all about what I thought for sometime, I use to be on air. But it’s all about getting people thinking about things, not to agree with me. I don’t care if no one agrees with me, at least I got people thinking about major issues and maybe doing something about it.

    Ivan Leung: Will you still pursue legal action against 6PR?

    Howard Sattler: Absolutely.

    Ivan Leung: Why?

    Howard Sattler: Because they’ve wronged me. I mean, I’ve been hardly done by, I was given no warnings about anything, I didn’t do anything wrong. I have the approval from the Prime Minister’s office to do what I did, to have a candid interview, that’s what I had. She didn’t complain to me, so I don’t know why they did.

    Ivan Leung: What are your plans for the future?

    Howard Sattler: I don’t know, but I am a lot excited about this new media involvement, aren’t you?

    Ivan Leung: What do you hope to achieve with your blog?

    Howard Sattler: I hoped to achieve that people will take some notice, not agreement me but take action. Not just sit back and be complacent about things, get out there and do things positively.

    Ivan Leung: Howard Sattler thanks for your time.

    Howard Sattler: Pleasure Ivan, thanks for joining me.


  40. RubyRuby says:

    Sattler, Rinehart, Mandela…

    (but with some of the stuff she says IRL, who needs satirists to spin this stuff?)


  41. Check out the sob story video posted on WA Today – he’s so poor he’s cutting back on his Parkinson’s Treatment – Hey Howie – heard of the Public Health System ? – or are you scared you might bump into people who you’ve managed to piss off ?


  42. skink says:

    On Sattler’s website, when one of his fans said she was upset about him not be able to afford his treatment, he said:
    “Don’t be upset, it is only the expensive stem cells I can’t afford. The jury is out on whether they really work.”


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  44. Bento says:

    “Separately, it has emerged that after decades in mainstream radio, Sattler has now accepted an unpaid role as a commentator with an independently owned, web-based amateur news group.”

    He’s worth every cent. I hope the Contrail Times is pleased with their star recruit.


  45. Frank Calabrese says:

    Howie is now reporting for the man who has the Ivanator Number plate posted here – Amateur is too kind a description of the “Organisation” Try Mickey Mouse


  46. Frank Calabrese says:

    Fr those who don’t want to sit through the whole bulletin here is Howie’s Parkinson’s Slurred Rant -


  47. Shanel says:

    At this time I am going away to do my breakfast,
    after having my breakfast coming over again to read more news.


  48. RubyRuby says:

    Where there’s a will to be on air, there’s a way.

    Not too dissimilar to what I imagine what would happen if Sattler tried this. Except without the potential for a bright future in media, of course.


  49. Zuben says:

    Patti C just got charges dropped for a couple of Chinese drug smugglers because the police submitted their case the day before the hearing in the form of 26 c d s .

    The police rearrested the pair immediately after the magistrate freed then and I reckon the printers at police h q are working overtime .

    Did her office have an April Glaspie moment and actually tell the police by phone it was ok to invade Kuwait ? I mean tell Saddam Hussein it was ok to submit digitally ?


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