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Outrage Sunday 160 torture

Is this stupidest question you’ve ever heard? They say the poor bloke they’re trying to help had electrodes attached to his nurries. Is this the sort of ice-breaker they use around the Amnesty water-cooler? “Is waterboarding worse with Perrier?” Speaking … Continue reading

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The Voice

Haven’t done a media post for a while, because, nobody really cares about these awful creatures anymore. But perhaps there are still some questions to be posed in post Riddance Radio. Firstly, Russell Woolf’s ABC 720 replacement John McGlue is … Continue reading

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Burswood Tableau

A free wine mountain and empty 6pr talk seats. Juxtapose as you will. Pictured, 6PR ratings winners? Paul Murray’s mates?

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West Sackings

Was going to run a full post on the impending West sackings, but I’m losing enthusiasm already. Who cares? ALL of their opinion writers are terrible. MyNing wants Paul Murray,Griffin Longley, Roz Thomas, Andrea Burns, Kate Emery sacked, and yes, … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 102 sexy stilettos

Z-Frappe was entranced at this, at the intersection of Scarborough Beach Road and Loftus Street in North Perth. And there is much with which to be entranced. Perhaps the ‘Our Nikki” PhotoShopper is responsible? I note they use the word … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 77 The Last Supper

You’ve sneered at Perth Preppers, but you can’t now deny the signs we approach the end game… The price of alcohol becomes prohibitively expensive: Simoultaneous appeals are made to Celtic and Pacific gods before the Day of Days… The well … Continue reading

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Two Letters to the editor

Maybe it is Nurry time again? It’s never Scourfield time. Sirs, With the high dollar making overseas travel more affordable, the unfortunate consequence is that local tourism suffers. Can I suggest that Stephen Scourfield be sponsored by WA tourism to stifle international … Continue reading

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Allen Park

By Vegan. Allen Park, home of Perth’s worst journalist Paul Murray. But despite Murray’s arse numbing prose, true love still finds a way. 

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Weekend Worstoff 194

Mancey was happy to see another state of excitement 120Y. Tangerine dream baby on the Bussel Highway. Now THAT I’d subsidise. Nudbot has just moved back to Perth from Melbourne – to live in Rockingham actually (the McGowan musky lure) and was … Continue reading

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More than one reader has written in about the Paul Cut n Paste Nurry, Simon Kahunas Beaumont situation at 6PR. There has been a deep throat style command to “Follow the ratings”. I believe that the suggestion is that 6PRs … Continue reading

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