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early scoop

Teh West Online was Johnny-on-the-spot with the big legal news this morning. The verdict on the Lloyd Rayney appeal started at 1130: WAToady had it up at 1148 – but was comprehensively beaten by Teh Internets Worst, which had it … Continue reading

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Battle of The Titans

Glen Jakovich is threatening to sue Adrian Barich because Barra makes Glen the butt of all his jokes. Glen contacted The Worst of Perth to vent his frustration. It’s a little hard to believe Barra was an Eagle I have … Continue reading

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The Fall of the Barra Wall

I’m out of the country for 5 minutes, and the famous, iconic Barra Fat Wog Cunt wall comes tumbling down. How sad. At least the pictures will live forever. Bento recorded this development disgrace, even going as far as trawling … Continue reading

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Creep Drink Man Woman

Two repulsively creepy ads. Would a mother name her son Eros? Can I suggest it will also be the last time he graces Members equity? And the woman with the too small body?

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Ricky Grace – The New Adrian Barich?

Look, sorry to loiter in this arrondisement again, but I had two contenders for posts today, both on Beaufort Street, and both featuring the “C” word. Ever since the “Adrian Barich Incident” I’ve been seeing cunts everywhere. Anyway, as we … Continue reading

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Ixnay on the Untcay

Look if you want Adrian Barich to come to your rally guys, just ask him – but easy on the potty mouth OK. I think he’s a little sensitive. Only a couple of days a go I was bemoaning (Is … Continue reading

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Barra non Grata – 6PR Radio

There’s someone in town who really doesn’t like 6PR Radio. I know that narrows it down to everyone less than 70 years of age, but this particular person often likes to vent their spray on this old corner shop on … Continue reading

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