Barra non Grata – 6PR Radio

There’s someone in town who really doesn’t like 6PR Radio. I know that narrows it down to everyone less than 70 years of age, but this particular person often likes to vent their spray on this old corner shop on East Parade in East Perth. I sometimes suspect a The Worst of Perth reader. My suspicions fall variously on Cohen, Calabrese, Skink, Bedford Crackpot and Rolly, but perhaps it will turn out to be a Murder on The Orient Express affair with all of them holding the spray can. Out of Perthers, you could listen to 6PR online but don’t, unless you like to hear pensioners whining about immigration and eating dog food, and how they laid their down their wives for young people during the war…

I’ve made the mistake in the past of going back the next day, or even a few hours after spotting a new daub, only to find the pith painted over quick time. I’ve missed “Sattler 6PRacist” and something about Brad Hardie being a moronic loser, or bankrupt, or something. You can see where they have been painted out. This time however I swung across two lanes of commuters to get the Barra version. The thing is, Barra is one of the least offensive in the crew of this good ship Venus, just an amiable bumbler who played a bit of sport. Oh well, one man’s amiable bumbler is another man’s fat wog cunt I suppose.

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Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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92 Responses to Barra non Grata – 6PR Radio

  1. Cookster says:

    Nah, it’s not a slur. ‘Fat wog cunt’ is the name of the bloke who sprayed the message of support for Barra – that would rule out teh Cohen boy, besides, he’s too busy chasing down stories in the wild western suburbs.


  2. Rolly says:

    LA, Really. It’s too much.
    How could you suspect me of advertising the very existence of such a useless bunch of twats.
    Besides, the said polluters of the airways rarely enter my radar scan unless brought to my attention by such rants as these.
    I haven’t listened to them in decades.
    If they disappeared into the very ether that they contaminate, my only regret would be that there would be one less target for amusing satire.


  3. Sunili says:

    Oh my. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was one of the TWOPers, but of course we are far too civilised for that and prefer wordpress to spray cans as a method of venting against such offences against our fair city.


    “Sattler 6PRacist” is rather clever though!!


  4. You forgot to mention hypothermia ; and also to criticise the woeful execution of this graffito : the font is all wrong and the ” artist” can’t keep to a straight line


  5. David Cohen says:

    Not me. I note skink hasn’t protested his innocence…hmmmm…

    I’m STILL looking for stories from the Golden Triangle. If only that building was a few suburbs to the west I’d be in business.

    Maybe it was Sunili?


  6. skink says:

    I am deeply offended that you might think I have sunk so low as to daub my opinions on a disused deli. Even in graffiti I would have got the apostrophe and the upper and lower case correct.

    up to a week ago I didn’t even know that this Barra person on the radio was the same bilious oaf who used to sneak onto the pitch during football games and pretend to be an Eagle

    surely he is some sort of Slav rather than a wog?


  7. Frank Calabrese says:


    I rarely venture to the CBD, and I NEVER go to East Perth, so it ain’t me, but I only listen to PR whwn Steve Gordon is on Sunday Nights, he’s a truely wasted talent on that station, and the poor bloke is given scant resources to do his excellent social history program “The Way We Were”, with Steve being forced to use his own personal music collection and having NO access to a working turntable to play material not released on CD (and there is plenty), plus the fact that the station are reluctant to podcast his excellent interviews. Yet you can listen to a podcast of Millsy & Tony Mac interview Andrew Fucking Bolt !!!!!

    Where is the Justice !!


  8. David Cohen says:

    It’s an outrage, Frank.

    They should give Adrian his own Sunday night program as well: I’d like to hear him summing up the week’s events around the world.

    It would be called Barra Mundi…ha ha ha ha ha!

    (Tap tap): is this thing on??


  9. Frank Calabrese says:

    [surely he is some sort of Slav rather than a wog?]

    I think you mean “Croation”, they get a bit upset at the “Slav” label these days.

    But then again, with being the son of John Barich of the Australian Family Association – you’d have to be concerned about his mental state, Barra was once touted for Liberal pre-selection, until someone pointed out his boorish behaviour, which would make Troy Buswell look like Mother Theresa (only just).


  10. You ALL sound guilty as hell. Definitely an Orient Express case. it explains the bad spraymanship and apostrophe.


  11. Frank Calabrese says:

    [You ALL sound guilty as hell. Definitely an Orient Express case. it explains the bad spraymanship and apostrophe.]

    Quick, someone contact Graylands and arrange for Forms 1 & 3 *

    *(ahh for the good old days of listening to VKI and hearing all the mental escorts)


  12. skink says:

    I very carefully used the term Slav, because Barra may have been from any of the Balkan states, and I know better than to call a Croat a Serb.

    I once innocently suggested that Macedonia was a region of Greece whilst stood in the Court Wine Bar and nearly had my Balkans removed.


  13. #8 barrra Mundi is gold. Gold I tells ya.


  14. Paracleet says:

    To be fair “Wog” used to be used as description for pretty much any non north Western European. Somehow it evolved into just meaning Southern European in Australia.
    Incidentally I assume I am not under suspicion.


  15. Paracleet says:

    Very true Skink. I’ve got hours of entertainment out of Greece/Macedonia jokes at the expense of a Macedonian (he whom-you-wouldn’t-buy-a-used-car-off) of our mutual acquaintance. They’re surprisingly humourless about it.


  16. If that’s your real photo then no.


  17. Paracleet says:

    Anyway this is an outrage. I demand the perps be brought to justice.
    This has stake-out written all over it.


  18. GWS says:

    And who wouldn’t bitch about having “laid their down their wives for young people during the war…


  19. “These Asians come here and take our jobs and women…well jobs anyway.”


  20. Snuff says:

    Steve Gordon’s still on air, Frank ? Now that’s a podcast I’d subscribe to in a flash. I’ve just trawled their podcast page and there’s not a Steve link in sight. A broadcaster of his quality would only look out of place among the dross they do have anyway, I guess, with the notable exception of Glenn Baker, of course.

    Having said that, what’s with “Glenn A. Baker discusses timeless iconic songs with Tim Webster” ? Where’s the “Barry Jones discusses scientific milestones with Naomi Robson” ?

    Thanks for the tip anyway, Frank, and I’ll keep checking.


  21. And in haiku?

    6PR station
    Barra is a fat wog cunt
    Steve Gordon still best


  22. The Bedford Crackpot Fraternity says:

    Was’nt me BUT I could’nt have put it better myself..except maybe “FAT,old,slow and useless!.”

    Barra was RUBBISH at the Eagles and he’s RUBBISH in the media!I’m not putting my hand up – but it gets my vote “5 STARS All class!”

    This is a sad old building in a run down end of town, its a shame someone cant do a reno on it!


  23. Snuff says:

    Admirable effort, TLA. I’ve run it past the experts here in the office, and now they’re giving me even stranger looks than usual. It lost some of its subtle nuance in translation.


  24. There this morning, painted out this afternoon. fast Mr Barich, but not fast enough. It will now be available forever in the state library archives.


  25. Big Ramifications says:

    But wouldn’t you have Bara Mundi on a Mundi night?

    Why Sundi?

    [has a horrible feeling there is an obvious answer]
    Bara once pointed out that a certain sport played by a lot of lesbians was played by a lot of lesbians. I think he tried to frame it in the form of a *ahem* joke. Boy, didn’t that cause a stink, eh?


  26. Paracleet says:

    Surely Barra Mundi, Barra’s world, calls for an excessive bout of rhyming slang. Barra-Mundi. Fish, Barra’s fish, dish, capish, capiche.
    6PR…. capiche?
    I think we all understand.


  27. Rolly says:

    Sounds a bit fishy to me.
    Where’s the tartar’s ‘orse?


  28. Media Blotch says:

    Karl Langdon’s got the fishing spot on 6PR ; so it has to be
    Barra’s barrow : advice on fruit and vegies or Barra’s farrow : sex advice from your favorite footy player for the lovelorn.


  29. Frank Calabrese says:

    Some Classic Bob Maumill Bloopers from the mid 80’s Perth Version of Beauty & The Beast.


  30. Saw Barra on the news. He did look fairly bulky.


  31. skink says:

    how about slimming segment – Narrow Barra?

    or a driving show – Wheel Barra?

    oh, this could run and run



  32. skink says:

    how about getting him to present a show where he goes to the leukemia ward and makes a plea for donors to save sick kids:

    Marrow Barra

    jeez, they’re just flowing outta me


  33. David Cohen says:

    You’re on fire, skink!

    His travel reports from north-west Turkey could be…

    Marmara Barra!

    Oh my sides!


  34. Bill O'Slatter says:

    Barra’s Narrows : that would have to be the traffic report SKink , as Barra won’t be getting thin any time soon.
    Mellow Barra : time out with Chappelli and your favorite reggae music.


  35. Frank Calabrese says:

    Jeff Newman dropping the “C” Word instead of saying “Front” :-)


  36. The BCF says:

    Barras Magic Kids show “A Barra Cada Barra!!” – Boom Boom!! Beat that one Skinkster!! :)


  37. Snuff says:

    According to Media Blotch, Karl Langdon’s got the fishing covered, but Barra co-hosting with Anthony Koutoufides could reel him in.

    A karaoke program sponsored by Big M, however, would be shameful.


  38. Taint Ard says:

    Or if he sang, he could be a Barra Tone.

    Or if he had a chorist sister who married a Sikh , she could be Em Barra Singh.

    Or if he was an American senator he could be Barra Kobama.


  39. Correction : that’s not Mellow Barra that’s Mara Barra. Choof big time. Barra’s Para : a tour of Margaret River wineries with Nurries and a pile of grumpy geriatrics (6PR audience). Cross live to 6PR before both fall off their stools.


  40. ratbag23 says:

    All puns aside, Barra is not nearly as useless now that they keep him confined mainly in sports as he used to be when he used to co-host the breakfast program with, first, Basil Zempalas (“Dumb & Dumber”) and then later Howard Sattler (“George & Lenny”).

    By far the most offensive period (in my memory) was around the time the US was invading Iraq. Barra behaved like some kind of CNN-spoonfed cheerleader for the Yanks. Among other things:

    – he kept on referring to the French as “Cheese-eating surrender monkeys” and repeatedly played an audio sample from The Simpsons of Willy The Gardener saying that phrase.

    – made jokes of the “What’s one-inch tall and glows?” variety (answer: “Bhagdad”. Ha ha ha!)

    – tut tutted about the Arabic TV network Al Jazeera and pondered as to how the Allies could somehow close it down.

    And on a related 6PR front, SimUMMM Beaumont continues to not disappoint keen students of radio announcer ineptitude. In a recent interview with a copper who broke his leg tackling an offender while off-duty, SimUMMM asked the officer whether he was wearing his uniform at the time.

    There was a two week period recently when Channel 7’s Mario Derazio (sp?) filled in for him, and it was heaven to hear a relatively intelligent & articulate voice on the morning show for a change. Other times though he’s filled in for by Harvey Deegan, who must be the blandest of the blandest of the bland.

    (PS the East Perth dauber isn’t me either, I’m in Busso, and I wouldn’t punctuation out either)

    (PPS how do I go about getting an avatar?)


  41. ratbag, find a picture, online or on your computer, go to
    the gravatar has to be square, but you get the chance to crop it. It can take a few hours before it works, but has been pretty reliable lately.


  42. ratbag23 , that show wasn’t called “Barra’s Fart” was it being at dawn’s crack. Barra joins you in the early morning and see what his brain has farted today. “Cheese eating surrender monkey” straight out of the right wing catchphrase book,


  43. Paracleet says:

    Why do the Yanks hate the French so much? Afterall, they never would have won the war of independance without them..


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  45. brilton says:

    Testing new avatar….


  46. ratbag23 says:

    Blast it, not working!


  47. looks good to me man.


  48. Frank Calabrese says:

    [There was a two week period recently when Channel 7’s Mario Derazio (sp?) filled in for him, and it was heaven to hear a relatively intelligent & articulate voice on the morning show for a change.]

    It’s spelt D’Orazio, and I have been told he is related to the on again off again ALP Member for Ballajura (possibly Brother)


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  51. marklatham says:

    Great crack boys.Reading this in phnom penh,cambodia.Barra used to work for department of social security,not much different from 6PR really.
    Met him in the lift at mt newman house one day when he was an alleged eagle,he told me that john todd was a nutter.
    Well he got that right!


  52. Mark. The weekends are usually reserved for international worsts. there must be some Cambodian material ready for harvesting?


  53. Cookster says:

    Thatlackofspacing,suggests,possibly,somekindofsubstanceabusemethinks.Or a blackberry…


  54. Cookster says:

    Barra just spotted me a rock lobster for my JDRF walk – anyone care to match him?


  55. I’m sure he’d spot you two if you didn’t keep bringing attention to this post.


  56. David Cohen says:

    Is a rock lobster the new name for a blue swimmer?


  57. Cookster, was that you submitting to crikey?


  58. Ratbag23 reports that Simon Big Kahunas Beaumont was commenting about the phantom 6pr graffiti-ist. He didn’t mention this one, but said that there’s one on Shepparton Rd where it is claimed he is Jim McGinty’s bum boy. Or vice versa. Anyone seen it?


  59. Paracleet says:

    Does not compute…


  60. Good to see you return to your roots gravatar-wise para


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  65. Hugh Jass says:

    I have moved to Bunbury recently as you know, and during the move I seem to have misplaced my digital camera. Grr. It’s in a box somewhere.

    During my drive to and from work I listen to 6PR on my mobile phone, it sits in a cradle near the steering wheel and it cranks out over the internet feed. Nothing better than boofhead Beaumont on the way to work and 6PRacist Sattler in the afternoon on the way home.

    The only reason I listen, is because simply that the radio stations down here are an absolute fucking mess. They are a disgrace to human society. 6PR is WAY better than HOT-FM or any of the other piss ass AM radio stations that broadcast in this city (aka town). I like to catch up on my 6PR so that I know what is going on down here.

    As soon as I get my camera out of a box I will have some “Bunno worsts” to post, I can guarantee that. Please bare with me :)

    Hugh Jass


  66. Caught a glimpse of The Sunday Times this morning. Hilarious article on Glen Jakovich threatening to sue Barra, because Barra keeps making Jacko the butt of all his jokes at speaking engagements. If ever there was a reason to buy The Times, then it’s today. Barra apparently tells a joke where Jackovich mixes up his phrases, saying things like “It’s not rocket surgery.” Gold. Jakovich’s bemusement and genuine sense of hurt that he’s being made to look like a moron by Barra will have you crying with laughter.


    • G'day from WA says:

      “There’s a mark, if you overstep the mark, well . . .”

      Then it’s a 50m penalty, unless the umpire called play on. I thought Jakovich would know this.


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