Jazz Apples

“Am I the only one that thinks these sound like an amusing nickname for testicles?” our vanilla-plating comrade Bento asks. “As in, ‘Johnson banged one in short, but it kept low and hit Cook right in the jazz apples‘.” Teh Facetube says: “It is juicy and exceptionally crisp. Jazz, Australia’s effervescent sweet n’ tart apple variety with the catchy name that is set to bring new attitude to lunch boxes, fruit bowls, salads and desserts across Australia.” Good thing TLA is down south: he would be outraged at Australian apples being jizzed on his blog. jazzapples

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43 Responses to Jazz Apples

  1. Notice they are sitting with the plums. Some young wag in the fruit and veg section is takin’ the piss for sure.


  2. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Frankly, I don’t want any apple bringing ‘tude to my lunch box. Bro.


  3. yellowhare says:

    Still reckon I’m the only one who sniggers when the voice in the lift says ‘going down’.


  4. BSWAM says:

    I fail to see any link, historical or otherwise, that would suggest “jazz” as indicative of Australian apple production, in WA or elsewhere.


  5. JaneZ says:

    I am as we speak in Washington state, USA – the other WA – and for all their much vaunted apple growing I’m kinda disappointed that all I’ve seen to buy is granny smiths and all the fuji/delicious/sweet and squishy varieties. Bring back the Jonathan I say.


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