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Recently uncovered school souvenir of trip to Albany. Whale tooth ripped from a carcass. Nice one. Would a snow globe of Dog Rock have killed them?

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Visual Muzak 

Poor bastards in Albany got Stormie Millzd. Not every silence is improved by Muzak. Not every blank wall is improved by painted crap.  

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Albany understatement. Boat. Nice.  

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Albany Dabba Doo

Strangely charming. Better than the Stormie Mills around the corner. 

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The Facelift and the Shitfaced

Odd how Perth’s glorious post vibrantic future is looking so, well shithouse. Imagine Sam Newman only doing one show! Surely he could jag a two show residency at The Charles?  And queues for Barnsey to sign his book?  I picked … Continue reading

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Big Block

Lovely Anzac Day Albany tableau. What would the diggers want on their way to loot Cairo brothels and be killed by Turks? A block of shitty beer and a broken barbie. Kaching. By R R.  

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ANZAC go home

A treasure of Albany. Where Woolworths sponsored ANZACS left from. Complaining about what a craphole it was. Literally couldn’t wait to leave and fuck up foreigners. In their own countries.  ANZAC day can piss off now. We looted Damascus so … Continue reading

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Pig shooting Xmas

Merry Albany pig shooting from Dave P.

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Well yes, Balga’s going to look like Shangri Fucken La if you’re in Albany. And in a Hyundai. By BX. In Dennmark.

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hole in bush

The West offline and on. It sounds arty. Was it before the dawn, running up that hill?

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