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Dry Humour

I thought reviving a little The Worst of Perth content for our brave shutins in these desperate times. Remember when people used to name their boats? Now it’s always just the boring rego number. Why did that cheeky and charming … Continue reading

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Albany understatement. Boat. Nice.  

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Gin like no one knows you’re distilling

Two more things from Margaret River. In our accommodation, fake broken plates, as if they had come from the Sutton Hoo barrow and had to be pieced back together. The other one had something about “Love her like she is … Continue reading

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Rusted Hoist

Have been so many good submissions lately, I thought I had better contribute something of my own. I dunno, a rusted washing line just doesn’t seem the appropriate motif to me. Maybe I’m wrong. The wine naming and labelling bizzo … Continue reading

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Cock Burn Split Sister

Hey split sister who’s the one you want? Hey split sister COCK BURN! It’s a nice day to start again… Billy Idol Some nice South of River worsting from Gregg who wonders (not out loud) whether cock, burn, split and … Continue reading

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Mandurah Canals, (rhymes with anals)

Took the boy on a boat trip round Mandurah, when we had some time to kill. The abundance of dolphins was great for him, but the abundance of worsts was more pleasing to my eye.  Most of the trip went … Continue reading

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Some Spoils of Smartarsery

Well after the media outrages of yesterday, finally some good news. The wine I was promised by Air New Zealand after whingeing about their shark attack stats finally arrived in a lovely box. In keeping with worst tradition, it has … Continue reading

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What happened to boat naming in perth? Was a time when even a twelve foot dinghy would have “Put out or get out” “Love thruster” or “Lethal Dose” written on the side. Nowadays all you get if Seacraft 347 and … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 29

Some more photoshop work from Skink. Must be more pleasant than working on Paul Murray shots Skink. Shows The Lord Mayor about to battle Colin Barnett over city development wetblanketness. By the way. Whatever happened to Colin Barnett? He wins … Continue reading

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