Jaded House

Rachel enquires about the sad state of brotheldom on William Street Northbridge. Rachel says…

This one at 395 William street has been converted to an asian supermarket ( i remember when i worked at City Fresh next door when i was 19 and was made by my boss to go into the brothels to get change for the till off the madams LOL). Anyone have any pics lying around of either Jade House (the white brothel over the road from 395), or Aphrodite’s? Id love to see the interiors of these places, although there is a website full of pictures of the girls and interiors of 395 william street ( Pennefeather- interiors of Aphrodite’s 1989 Perth google it!!) shocking shocking bad wall paper in the lounge area!! Come on guys, get your pics in.

Thanks Rachel. here’s the sad looking now Asian Supermarket.

supermarket brothel, worst brothel, worst brothel conversion

And what an irony. Across the road from the Asian supermarket, is the derelict “asian” brothel, the Jade House. These Asians are playing with our sexuality! How could it close when it was so convenient to the bus stop? It is now boarded up, but says “private property, police will be called.” I don’t think so. The place was invisible as far as the police were concerned.

Jade House
Jade House

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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54 Responses to Jaded House

  1. Liam Coffey says:

    I remember walking past 395 one day in the late 1980s, to be treated to the sight of three portly businessmen leaving the premises looking flushed and somewhat pleased with themselves. It was around midday.


  2. CK says:

    Where are the flowers? Where is the romance? Why don’t we talk any more?


  3. killabot says:

    i don’t know why we talk anymore… but i wouldn’t talk either if we hung out at 395 too


  4. DTRAin says:

    Yeah, I also used to work at city fresh, Back when I was just out of high school, bout six or sevens years ago and yeah the buildings, looked like, crack houses or something, they just looked really runned down and pretty feral, but so does the rest of northbridge.. Oops, did I say that out loud…….


  5. Rachel says:

    Hey DTRAin,
    Rachel here how are you? Did you work for xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, I worked there for a day about two years ago , again. I worked in the deli section xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, I got rung up the next night to be told I was sacked. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxOh and ANDREW Ive found another installment for the brothels section of this site. Go photograph ” Tudor Lane” or the puple and yellow monstrosity in Stirling Street, drove past there last night to drive a friend home, place was lit up with Christmas lights (badly) and some sad sack walking outta there all dazed and wobbly at 1 am this morning. LOLOLOLOL


  6. Geoff V says:

    Hi everyone,

    I have been a bit out of touch with all of this since I was last a Perth cab driver circa 1982.

    Jade House as I recall was in Monger Street at the time. Does anyone remember?

    Geoff V


    • Anonymous says:

      Yes i remember jade house in mo ger st also Aphrodite around the cornor then it moved across the road.i worked in all three years ago early 80s.i saw picture now of brothel all boarded up .im a bit devastated is this what happened after dorrie flatman sold it .in its hay fsy the place was stunning


  7. drum says:

    rachel I worked at city fresh at one point and I too had to get change from the brothel, shit was wrong!!!


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  9. Queer RT Choke says:

    Just came across this and remember both the inside of Jade House AND Aphrodities from the 90’s when they had the same owner, I worked at Jade House and there was a large shared shower stall room with about 8 shower stalls like a camping ablution block all next to each other, and all the clients and workers showered in there and wandered around nude prior to retiring the privacy of the rooms and then returning to the showers for a clean up afterwards!

    Never got tinea! probably because they bleached the entire ablution area each night like crazy people….


    • vegan says:


      was there shoving?


    • Rachel says:

      Hi RT!!
      Did you know Dorrie and her mum? They were really lovely ladies, I had a semi tour of Aphrodites and sat in the kitchen of jade house one day. Whilst waiting for change for our tills! was weird being in there, but thought i was cool at the time hahahaha hanging out with ladies of the night!
      The industry has fascinated me a little , just wondering how the ladies got through their days and nights, was it good money RT? Dont mean to be rude or imposing, and no im not looking for a job, heard the money is great though hehehe


  10. Tristan pyke says:

    Anyone know what the state of these buildings is now in 2010?

    Group showers? How VERY sexy. I wonder how many businessmen went to bed at night dreaming of being worshipped by all and sundry in those showers.

    Hysterical, thanks for the insight Queer RT Choke.
    Love your work!


  11. The Legend 101 says:

    The second image is the work of some bogens.


  12. Mark says:

    These 2 places were my grandmothers . Glad no one is bad mouthing, good read though and brings back some memories


  13. amanda thomson says:

    stop taking the piss people, im serious x


  14. Anonymous says:

    Hi guys Tudor lane was the best miss the good old days


  15. matron feelgood says:

    I have a picture of the girls room of Tudor lane in the 80 ‘s with the girls getting done up waiting 4 clients. The managers were great and looked after the girls, helping many gain degrees studying at uni for years with no wages or accommodation. There was no full service in those days! The place was clean and there was no drugs then. You. actually got a proper massage, believe it or not! The spa baths and sauna were kept crystal clean.it was a hit during the america’s cup.hi karina and Vic.


  16. Kris says:

    Flash from the past lol! I hope im not the nikki you speak of


  17. alistair says:

    Am I


  18. Anonymous says:

    I worked for dorrie flatman we were like family i loved her little dorrie and mary worked at jade house Aphrodite and new Aphrodite in William st in the 80s .i also concived my first beautiful child there.dorrie looked after her girls was like a mother to us i hope these brothels are still standing and not derelict


  19. julie says:

    I worked for dorrie flatman we were like family i loved her little dorrie and mary worked at jade house Aphrodite and new Aphrodite in William st in the 80s .i also concived my first beautiful child there.dorrie looked after her girls was like a mother to us i hope these brothels are still standing and not derelict


  20. julie says:

    They wernt the worse what a shame if this is wwhat became of Aphrodite


  21. MT says:

    Hi Guys,
    Just curious if anyone has anymore information regarding the owners of Aphrodites in the 1980’s.
    It must have been after Dorrie sold the business, because i am sure the daughter of the owner was named Karen. I also know that the owner was seeing Rose Black at the time. Any information would be good.


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