Outrage Sunday 112 When Macca Writes Your Love Story

G’day TWOPpers. What the heck-diddly has been going on with Wikipedia? Monday’s feature story was When God Writes Your Love Story, then Friday they had Everything Tastes Better With Bacon. What? Even a copy of Cloudstreet?When_God_Writes_Your_Love_StoryJust as well I’d made several trips to the UWA book sale. No copies of Keepsake, which was a fucking outrage. That fatuous rainmaker Bento was there, too: “No Halcyon Hall! At $25 it was a bit steep.” HRVThis was much cheaper, but no deal. macca1This was even cheaper, but was only picked up to be photographed. macca2I can’t put this one down. Of course, when I don’t have my nose in a book I am a healthy open-air boy. Why don’t you let me write your love story? digitdickTWOP footnote, from Teh Wiki: “American college professors Margaret and Dwight Peterson responded to the Ludys’ book by writing an essay called God Does Not Want to Write Your Love Story, in which the Petersons argue that the book makes young people see marriage as a fantasy comparable to that of Disney Princesses, and that this fantasy often results in disappointment”.

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50 Responses to Outrage Sunday 112 When Macca Writes Your Love Story

  1. Rolly says:

    Good to see that some people have come to their senses and given Macca away:
    What can one say about a bloke who’s so up himself that daylight is a discovery.

    BSWAM will no doubt appreciate the reference ;)


  2. BSWAM says:

    Surprised as I am to see that a copy of “Hudson River Villas” has made it to Perth, I am equally glad Bento did not waste his $25. The book is riddled with errors from end to end and omits extant houses in favor of demolished ones on account of the simple fact that the author managed to alienate a goodly number of their owners.

    In his defense, I freely admit that said owners come pre-alienated for your convenience and also that Halcyon Hall, developed as a resort, would not be included as matter of course (its ommission in “Pleasure of Ruins” is a harder case to argue).


    • Bento says:

      That’s reassuring – thanks Barkeep.

      It would seem there is also some difference between New York Style and Perth Style when it comes to the definition of ‘villa’. New York Style being ‘a large and luxurious country mansion’; Perth Style being ‘a 3×1 single storey dog box in a complex of 8 identical dogboxes, in any one of the non-descript middle ring suburbs’.


      • Does a Villa have a shared driveway? I’m sure Tiberius’ villa on Capri had a communal agapantha garden bed and one brick drive.


      • BSWAM says:

        If you are in New York and someone refers to a villa they are usually referring to what would be generally termed an actual villa.

        When they refer to “acres” or “gardens” or “woods” and they are not actually obviously referring to acres and gardens and woods – then they may be more in keeping with “Perth Style.” Or as I like to think of it: “International Evil and Stupid Developer Style.”

        Oddly enough, due to the Dutch colonial history of New York, a house in New York State cannot be properly called a mansion unless it is part of or developed upon the manor grants of the original Dutch settlement or immediate British and American claims upon same (around 1640 through 1800). This led to deep resentment among the Vanderbilt class and the satirical referrence to huge palatial houses as “cottages” both there and in New England.

        It is not uncommon for a “mansion” in this region to be a very small (although, relatively speaking, very old) farmhouse and a “cottage” to be a luxurious large-scale house.


      • BSWAM says:

        Kind of a dumb question…but the NYS “villas” were usually centered on farms that fed New York City. That was how their owners derived their weath.

        What is the farmland like around Perth? Google seems to suggest that the countryside is very arid, but there must be a belt of farmland somewhere or the city would not (could not, I assume) have grown during the time it did.


        • At the moment it is very green, but that is a rarity. The south west corner of WA has been becoming drier over the last few decades. Dry land farming for the most part , which well and truly peters out by Southern Cross, east of Perth. (a craphole). The south of the state has more vineyards and the remants of a once thriving dairy industry. Williams south east of perth would have been a rich farmer town, (I’m sure it has featured here before) East of Perth, it used to be mostly small towns with family farms. Now they are massive enterprises with mega machines. The only way it can be made to pay.


        • Bento says:

          Lots of farmland surrounding Perth, but the soil is essentially sand. Farmland is being converted to villas (Perth Style).


        • Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

          If the farmland around Perth were a lawn, it would have to be registered.


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