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The Fineal Solution

Several people have been passing this around. A Morley home of such profound ugliness that it is the front runner for the design of the piazza that will be built over Bayswater Station. No need for 12 storeys. The lower … Continue reading

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Fleishmann and Pine Bush

Bartender’s Skills with a Manhatten returns with more lovely wrecks from the US. BSWAM says, “Today we’ll be visiting the neighboring communities of Fleischmann and Pine Bush, old resort towns in the high county of the Catskills, which border the … Continue reading

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Last days of the Taj

Going to miss this shithole when it finally goes. They were even going to have an Area 51. By Reign of Error. Mosman Park Oswal mansion.  Obviously.    

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Maylands Phenotype

The great thing is that this is post vibrancy Maylands, post Swallow aka Mad Kuntz Bar Maylands. Forget your Dan Murphys, this is true Maylandia, and long may it be so. By NF#1. The lack of Sigma in the drive … Continue reading

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Nyack NY Part 2

Bartenders Skills with a Manhatten continues his treatment of Nyack New York. But first here’s a shot from part one where BSWAM documents the moment when brutalism hit Nyack, and after it, a shot I took of the Curtin University … Continue reading

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Blank Verse

TWOP’s New York correspondent The Bartenders Skills with a Manhattan may well bleat about 1700s taverns being painted purple in the Hudson River Valley, but this is Perth baby. Thornlie and Embleton. Seriously, is this all there is? How do … Continue reading

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Xian Applecross

I love how this is both understated and ridiculously stupid at the same time. Takes a fine touch to acheive that. I think I have taken a shot of this place myself in the past. By James N. who throws … Continue reading

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Kenny Calendar has recently moved from Perth to Melbourne, but he has found a little piece of Balcata in Rye Victoria. Actually it shits on balcatta. It’s what Balcatta dreams of being. Closer to Alexander the Great than teh ‘Catta.

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Alexander The Great’s Mansion

Pictures are not really enough to show this extraordinary mega mansion on Gaden Rd Wundowie. Gigantic. Jaw droppingly huge, jaw droppingly bad, complete with massive statue of Alexander The Great, a ferris wheel, football pitch, glass pyramid, water slides, kilometres … Continue reading

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The Claremont of future past

Historians of the year 2525 may be puzzled by WAtching’s Claremont pic. “Hasn’t Claremont always been like this?” they may ask. Is this an example of Perth’s famous brick cladding aka brick wallpaper? The orange trim is nice too. Lack … Continue reading

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