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Kraken Wakes

Another beauty from James N’s worst zip file. The Margaret River Kraken.

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And France is better

Margaret River by James N. I like the xx.

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Marg’s Savannah

Another Margaret River native. Like the southern wolf. Which by the way is no longer TWOP official wine, now the boozie bottle is in town. By NS.  

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Dream Catcher

In Margaret River, where even the fucking trees are expected to catch dreams. By blow-in. The cowries are a nice touch.

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Coastal Boozie

Several annoying new norks have appeared down South recently. At Margaret River there’s a sculpture of a woman suckling a dolphin! Is that even legal? In any case this piece really fails the “is the location better for the artwork … Continue reading

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Shakre? Really? I thought the end if days had been reached with Howling Wolves and then Bare Rooted. But Shakre? I much preferred this cider label, although wouldn’t “crackpot compliant” be easier?

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In the heat of the bong

Skink sent me this a while ago, but I hadn’t really appreciated the pure worstness. Margaret River cops, fresh from confiscating orange juice bottle bongs from unwashed ferals are to be travelling to CIA headquarters to learn learn to go … Continue reading

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Margaret River, Delusions of Sanity

I sincerely think the residents of Margaret River are unaware that the town is an ugly craphole not a Tuscan village. Buying a place in Margs immediately brings on a kind of mental blindness. Where the rest of the world … Continue reading

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The sentiment, the spelling, and the rrrrrrurality of it all. Maybe they just roll their rrrrrrrrrs a lot. By RubyRuby Margaret River. So is it clear which ones they conserve and which they shoot. Rabbit – shoot. Goat – shoot. … Continue reading

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Drizzle on my stick

I can’t remember if we covered the fairly awful woman on a stick at Laurance winery in Margaret River. It is (of course) by the ubiquitous bronzing banalities the Smiths, but it’s not their worst work. At least it’s like … Continue reading

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