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Fresh Air Zone 

Blowin documents the fresh air zone behind Gino’s in Fremantle. Stress at the closing of yet another ugg boot shop, or a celebratory ciggie on the welcome departure of the traitorous Cock-Burn Thunder? They hilariously left hapless Freo with a … Continue reading

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I thought the roof was lego for a moment, but even so, love it. Cock-Burn by Shazza. It’s all just right. 

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Cock burned Cougars 

I saw a sign recently, Kalamunda Cougars training, but missed it. Reign of Error sees a cock burned version, (it can happen I assure you). I guess there will be quite a few Cougars hanging around when the Damien Drum … Continue reading

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Fine Young FIFOs

It had to happen. If WA can’t get Chinese workers, then children will have to do. And, depending on the age, there may  be a discount price for under 12s on the Telfer flight. By Gilly. In Cock-Burn. Home of … Continue reading

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Welcome to Loser Town Loser. 

Still laughing at Reign of Error’s Bibra Lake expose. What total loser would live in the Cock-Burn enclave of Bibra Lake.  Particularly on the corner of Renewable and Solar. Or Sustainable and Aspration! Way to reduce property prices! Is this for … Continue reading

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Final Fremantle Insult

This is seriously shitty. Not even I would wish something this bad on Cockburn nee Freo. What idiots chose yet another awful Smiths bronze? Along with another fucking sundial? Truly awful. Seen by Pete F.

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No Pets

Would have been nice to have addd a blocked wheelchair ramp, but still nice. Cock-burn by Mancey.

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and on with socks

Cock-burners are apparently livid that they are being merged with…who now? The vibrancy black hole of Freo? Cobo? Sofro? In any case, Cock. By Hugh Jass.

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Will this wind?

For some reason I thought Cockburnians (nee Fremantonians) would be against wind farms. Aren’t they linked to county bumpkins soiling themselves ? Or having dark thoughts? Is there any Cockburn activity not centred on the fairly unimpressive Clancys? Fremantle is … Continue reading

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Covered Walkway of fame

Bento saw that Glen “sits around the house” Jakovich now has a laminate in the City of Cock Burn admin centre. Bento says, “Seriously. The ‘Hall of Fame’ is a series of pillars along the walkway leading to the Administration … Continue reading

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