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Obviously a murder hole…

Or possibly genuine swimwear sale. In the middle of…winter. In North Perth. In a disused Servo.  Sounds legit. By…wait, what is he called now? Jaidyn Jaxxon?  

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Thornlie like the wolf

Lovely Thornlie work. By Jaidyn Jaxxon.

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Alien Worlds

Two out of towners. Ljuke saw a society where Segway riding is naturalised. (Brisbane), And Jaidyn Jaxxon saw rural fridge justice 120ks NNE of Leonora.

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The Isa

The most surprising thing about this sign is that 1) nobody has amended it to “Real Pussie”, which frankly would be quite easy, and 2) that there isn’t “cock one” graffitied on it. By Jaidyn Jaxxon.

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Cundle Burke

Jaiydn-Jaxxon discovered the old Cundlebar homestead where Burkean ceremonies are still performed 30 years later. Look at them all so young. Carmen Lawrence looking like a suicidal woman wouldn’t melt in her mouth, Peter Dowding believing in a future you … Continue reading

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Slut safe

Welcome return from Jaidyn-Jaxxon. Drink safe, or the strap starts to slide off the shoulder…and before you know it, you’re drinking fucking Carlton and jacking corflute. Widgiemooltha Tavern.

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Fragrance will dispense into your hand

Paddy’s Alehouse Kalgoorlie. By Jaidyn Jaxxon. How low would you have to get to pay $1:00 for this ejaculation? You would be wasting your time buying condoms. You are basically asking to be raped by FIFOS. Fuck off. Then you … Continue reading

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