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Fur crying out loud

Snuff sending through some last worsts. If you’re holding on to anything good, you still have time to send it. Magnificent hats. 

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The Heads

Snuff gives you head.  In a rice field in Japan. True story. Get it where you can. 

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Buttock Hugging 

Snuff has been spooked by the potential end of TWOP. Needs to get these buttocks off his chest. Japan I assume. 

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One Worst View of Mt Fuji

A famous 1827 woodcut depicting a The Worst of Perth Scandotrash Tshirt threatening Mt Fuji. By Snuff. Lovely.

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Weekend Worstoff 112

Another from Bento’s Nipponalooza adventure. I didn’t know union officials were so buffed up in Japan.Natalia P shows another of the endless cow art series. I’ve seen worse actually.And James N wants to know why this crazy horse has been … Continue reading

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Back Door

Since WAtching failed to record this letterbox’s back door today, here’s one Bento took (does that sound right?) in Japan.

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