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Another from Snuff. What’s the hubbub Bub? I guess that means Subiaco. 

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Fur crying out loud

Snuff sending through some last worsts. If you’re holding on to anything good, you still have time to send it. Magnificent hats. 

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By Snuff. Singapore. 

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Eddie, high pants drifter

By Snuff. Nagano, Japan. Who died Eddie?

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The Heads

Snuff gives you head.  In a rice field in Japan. True story. Get it where you can. 

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Buttock Hugging 

Snuff has been spooked by the potential end of TWOP. Needs to get these buttocks off his chest. Japan I assume. 

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Snuff’s Missing Links 23

Remember, Russell Woolf is hoping to be our anti cocos voice in the senate. Although, bafflingly his party has no name on the ballot paper. Even the dope party were able to get it together to have their fucking name … Continue reading

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