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Outrage Sunday 291 so huge

“I’m only speeding because I need a poo!” They have a vehicle for everything at RPH. What are you doing to mark the 401st anniversary of the Bard’s demise? Writing a scurrilous ballad about some aspect of WA, I hope. … Continue reading

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Disarm the fascists 

Or, if you prefer, Pet Food Only. The Venn diagram would have many intersections. CBD.  

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Outrage Sunday 267 The Painted Cow

This seen by Mr Ernie on the Midland side of Guildford Grammar. “For the Midland parents who wear thongs with their jeans,” he said. TLA was enraged: “This is what we’ve come to?” That’s why he’s the blogger and I’m … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 252 Barrack Street

As I walked busily down Barrack Street Talking on my phone, vital things to do Thinking of what to say and who to meet I noticed a man who’s legs were askew. People surged, looked away, and stepped around Four … Continue reading

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God knows

Cynthia C. Tells us that her CBD (not C&B) apartment complex’s Hills Hoist is a crime nexus. Crimes of fashion, crimes of theft, and worst of all, crimes of graphic design and kerning. 

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Kanga Art

Sigh. I get the feeling we’re stalling in our post vibrant project sometimes. CBD.  

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Grease trap

Is this the sort of thing you’ve got in yer fancy architect comic, TLA? Well, is it, punk? Barrack Street, Perth.   

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