Stripper World Blues

Sometimes, when I’m alone, I put on six inch heels and wear nothing else and dance around in front of the mirror and do my little stripper dance.
Tori Spelling

Thanks to several who pointed me to this place. Strippers World. It is definitely a good idea to label the parts if you are unsure. “I love to be rimmed” was another hilariously labelled  ‘kini. A disheartening and depressing shop. And is that the best font they could come up with for cunt? Would comic sans have killed them? Jesus, and shouldn’t there be a fucking apostrophe as well? Aargh.

Label it!

Label it!

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Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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  1. Vic Demised says:

    Is the ‘kini label there so the gals know not to put it on backwards, or so the guys know which way to approach it?

    As a professional editor (believe it or not) I’d have to say that an apostrophe is not always necessary in “Strippers World”. It depends on the cuntext. It is a world for strippers, rather than one of or belonging to them.

    I love the self-portrait in that bottom shot, LA. Hadn’t realised you were a flasher.

    The small sign on the left above the door is interesting. “Top Waitress”? WTF?


  2. Grrr says:



  3. Grrr says:

    Now, call me cynical, but can I get wholesale top waitresses, or would I have to settle for an average waitress at those low, low prices?

    And where are the lurid yellow signs offering me savings? Or does Strippers World have low prices every day?

    And what’s with the mis-matching number on the door? I’m sure Strippers World wasn’t in business in the days I used to live in the area, so did someone craftily steal their nine in order to sabotage the business?

    So many questions.


  4. poor lisa says:

    Even though it’s depressing in a way, I kind of like the no-nonsense functionality of it. It’s like the businesses in light industrial areas – the clients know what the shop sells, there aren’t any competitors, they know where the shop is, they don’t need fancy signs to attract them to it because it’s the place to go for the tools of the trade. The whole thing says: hens’ night sex-shoppers, adultshop is just up the road. You’ll just get technical talk and withering looks in here. (and I haven’t even tried to go in).

    And as vic points out the apostrophe is a grey area. Apostrophe implies: a world of things for strippers.
    No apostrophe kind of implies:
    In here is an entire world of strippers; nothing but strippers; nothing but stuff for strippers. There is nothing in the world and no need for anything in the world but strippers and strippers’ gear.


  5. skink says:

    it says “wholesale enquiries welcome”, so TWOP should buy a carton of those C-strings and send a pair to all our favourite Perthonalities: Nurry, Barra, She-Ra, Buswell, Sattler, BB.

    Christmas is coming, and imagine the look of joy on their little faces when they open up this gift.

    Buswell’s may need to be worn first and slightly soiled.


  6. poor lisa says:

    and thanks for standing outside photographing it. I’ve always been too scared to.


  7. poor lisa says:

    Skink that is such a brilliant idea. Where do I send my donation?


  8. “TWOP Cunt” budgie smugglers for the blokes. This opens up a whole range of O’Slatter Corp merchandising : hats ,t-shirts, corflute etc.


  9. I think there was an “I love back door action” as well.


  10. Speaking of back door action, I notice Margaret Court trying hard to be the most repulsive member of the Court family this week, railing against teh gay again. (snore). Seldom has someone so unsuccessfully hidden their hatred behind such a thin veneer of christianity. Truly awful woman. Cunt ‘kini in the mail.


  11. David Cohen says:

    I could be wrong. The sign on the door says Push, but it looks like you should Pull. Can you recall LA?


  12. skink says:

    I saw that bloody awful story in the Worst

    after years of Nattress refusing to support Pride, She-Ra finally does something positive and the Worst run the story as “church groups object’, with Court saying that being gay was similar to adultery and suicide as something that should not be publicised with public money.

    definitely send her a cunt ‘kini

    (see how quickly it has caught on)


  13. #11. It was closed, but it does look like a traditional puller.

    Perhaps we should have cunt ‘kini of the week?


  14. Cookster says:

    TLA – is that your silver Mercedes parked just behind you in the shot?


  15. That’s Margaret nee Snared-Smith. Now if only O’Slatter Corp can patent that snaring process. ( Worth what the U.S owes the world I reckon).


  16. No, but the Porshe dealership is next door…


  17. Letter to West.
    One wonders why you would print the views of religious crackpots like Margaret Court. As far as I can tell, people like our Madge fall into two groups. Those that are in denial about their own sexuality, and those who find it convenient to hide their hatred and bigotry behind a veneer of religion. I don’t know whether she falls into the first group (although her laughable views on lesbians in tennis sound a little denialist to me), but she certainly falls into the latter group. Compared to her, other Perth bigots like the Men’s Confraternity seem positively delightful. Her “Families for Hatred Church” or whatever it is called is more closely related to the Jack van Tongeren style of organisation.

    The Worst of Perth


  18. poor lisa says:

    @12 Skink we can’t send one to both She-Ra AND Margaret Cunt. I would think only Margaret deserves one based on this week’s efforts.

    Send one to Paul Armstrong too while we’re at it.

    Speaking of church leaders, on saturday I saw a TV worst that I’m not sure how to capture. Perhaps Frank can help.

    My kids were watching Saturday morning cartoons and there was a commercial featuring a headshot of Barry Hickey “Hi boys and girls. I’m Barry Hickey, Catholic Archbishop of Perth [That really got their attention]. [something about little animals, with hand gestures]…Jesus, little animals, etc. So come and visit me!’ and the url flashed up. That was it – it gave me some admiration for hillsong’s marketing, evil incarnate as they are. Imagine spending a fortune on an ad aimed at kids featuring nothing but Barry Hickey’s face and a web address.


  19. Lisa, i scrambled for my camera to video the screen, but was too late. Hickey was awful. probably to do with raising money for the new monstrosity.

    I’m not sending one to She-Ra. I’m going to hear her talk about the future of the city next week.

    Lisa, what In Site did you see a write up in. Is that the current one?


  20. # 4, re:

    “Apostrophe implies: a world of things for strippers.
    No apostrophe kind of implies:
    In here is an entire world of strippers; nothing but strippers; nothing but stuff for strippers. There is nothing in the world and no need for anything in the world but strippers and strippers’ gear.”

    shouldn’t it be Stripper World then? you wouldn’t sat Cats World would you?

    Doesn’t Teh ‘Rage have some kind of stylesheet?


  21. poor lisa says:

    I’m glad I didn’t hallucinate it.

    Yeh I think you’re right. Stripper World, like Curtain World or Water Garden World.


  22. Porsche dealership related matters: When you see Scaffidi ask her how Luke Saraceni and Hossean Pourzand are getting on.


  23. I don’t know what that means, so I won’t be doing that. I’m still a She-Ra fan since the sculpture removal. Maybe she’ll also make Strippers world take down their cunt display.


  24. B.T. says:

    How about “Strippers’ World”?


  25. skink says:

    I was about to mention Saraceni in relation to She-Ra: I have a favourite worst photo of him leaning on his Ferrari outside his McMansion.

    the jury is still out on She-Ra – I am convinced that her long-term plan is to throw the city open to the kind of unscrupulous low quality development built by her husband, Saraceni, and snake-oil salesmen like them. We’ll end up looking like Brisbane.

    I visited a friend in a high-rise ‘condo’ development in the centre of Brisbane. his apartment was on the twentieth floor, but two of the rooms did not have windows, and the ceilings were low enough to touch.


  26. skink says:

    now if the shop were real classy, it would be “Strippaz World”


  27. poor lisa says:

    Isn’t it in Vincent?

    ‘Cunt’ is the new ‘bloody’, I don’t think it’s offending anybody esp if they’re window shopping at Stripper World.


  28. poor lisa says:

    If one of the rooms was a home theatre and the other was a toilet then that’s ok. But from your tone I take it that isn’t the case.


  29. Margaret Court won’t like the “I love to be rimmed” one though.


  30. skink says:

    Margaret really deserves the “I love back door action” garment.

    where is this shop? I can get my Christmas shopping in one trip.


  31. #30. You wouldn’t believe it. Street view doesn’t cover this bit of Bulwer Street. It’s behind the traffic light.


  32. Bento says:

    @30 skink – it’s on Bulwer Street, just east of the Beaufort Street intersection. I trust we have established it is near the Porsche dealership. It’s next to a shop called ‘Rag Trade’ which, despite its best efforts to present itself as a hip boutique, still smells like an Op Shop.

    Definitely recommend adding the ‘Cunt Kini’ to the TWOP merch catalogue.


  33. “unscrupulous low quality development built by her husband, Saraceni,” Yeah Skink cept they’ll dress it up and give it plenty of spin ,of course.


  34. Ljuke says:

    Re: Margaret Court

    If I were gay I would relish Court’s comments. As soon as sex becomes something you’re “allowed” to do, it’s no fun any more. That’s why so many married couples role-play.


  35. I’m pencilling this one in for top ten worsts for second anniversary already.

    #34 Ljuke. So who plays Billie Jean king in your household?


  36. Paul Nurry says:

    I Paul Nurry, as an expert on Woolly Woofterism, as I am on every topic , can say at first blush, that I have cured at the outset, methinks hundreds of proto tennis lesbians.

    “Remember when we alll used to burn mallee roots in the fire?” That’s the first thought that any would be tennis lezzo has on first catching sight of the gnarled Nurry organ.

    No-one’s goin lezzo after that experience.


  37. Bento says:

    The cocos palm in the reflection is surely the icing on the cake.


  38. poor lisa says:

    34 just to be serious for a second, if it’s just as exciting to cosily ‘role-play’ in the secure comfort of a socially sanctified institution, why on earth would gay people prefer to be publicly villified and occasionally have their lives threatened and endangered as a result of scary nutters like Margaret Crunt?

    Erm, just a disclaimer that I neither role-play nor do I play women’s tennis or hockey. Or soccer or lacrosse. Or listen to the indigo girls.
    So I don’t really know but I can’t imagine it’d make sex more ‘fun’ to read the shite in the worsts’s letters page this week.
    (I don’t think wearing one of those ‘kinis in the secure comfort of a socially sanctified institution would either)


  39. skink says:

    are you wearing comfortable shoes?


  40. poor lisa says:

    and comfortable knickers.


  41. skink says:

    well then, you’re only one step away.

    just as men who date asian girls are at the ‘last stop’, women in comfortable shoes and baggy knickers are just one step away from being ‘free of make-up’


  42. “just as men who date asian girls are at the ‘last stop’
    I don’t understand what that means.


  43. Bento says:

    I think skink was channelling Margaret Cunt?


  44. Bill O'Slatter says:

    Great problem solved : the formula for snaring : a threesome with Nurries and Margaret Cnut. Watch the young fillies line up for that one. Lights , camera , action.


  45. skink says:

    sorry, let me explain:

    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of an asian girlfriend, is often on the last stop before acknowledging that he is gay, especially if he has started asking her to roll over.


  46. I did not know that.


  47. David Cohen says:

    If it’s the title of the shop and they don’t use an apostrophe, fair enough.

    But if you were to use the words in a sentence it would take an apostrophe.


  48. Bento says:

    @47 DFOC – you are indeed a tolerant man. I steadfastly oppose any relaxation of the rules for signage, be it for strippers or no.

    We’re living in a society, here.


  49. Bento says:

    Did I need a comma in that last sentence? On re-reading, I’m not so sure.


  50. I’m thinking 100 comments are possible for this one.


  51. skink says:

    as example:

    in London neither Harrods nor Saint Thomas Hospital take an apostrophe. McDonald’s does.

    the rule is not a rule in relation to business names, as DFOC and Lynne Truss have pointed out


    I was reading this earlier today, which is why I had asian girls on the brain.


  52. Ljuke says:

    reading letters to the Worst always gets me hot.


  53. #48 bento. if your business name was
    We’re living in a society, here.

    Then the comma would be acceptable.


  54. Bento says:

    Then that’s going to be my business name. Now I just need to think of a product.

    I’m still not convinced. I am a man of strong, and willingly shared, opinions. I don’t favour any relaxation of the rules pertaining to apostrophes, especially for St Thomas and his ilk. Lynne Truss is a cunt, and don’t get me started on the likes of DFOC.


  55. David Cohen says:

    Lynne Truss. Man I would love to slip into her diphthong. As delectable as Nigella.


  56. poor lisa says:

    Sorry LA i meant to answer, it is in the most recent In Site. Or InSite or whatever. There was a lengthy article about ‘cutting edge’ Perth people, which seems to mean poseurs with brushed concrete floored living rooms, followed by a welcome TWOP item.

    Baggy knickers aren’t comfortable.


  57. Cookster says:

    Someone remind me to get a shot of the Sexy Land facade next time I’m heading up the Tulla to Melbourne airport – that place is like the Ikea of porn… um, not that I’ve ever been inside…


  58. skink says:

    I’m sorry Bento, if you insult Lynne Truss then your membership of the Apostrophe Police is revoked.

    Please turn in your badge and gun.


  59. poor lisa says:

    What skink said. Is that worse than what bento said about howard’s mother? Points off for not saying it to a TWOP kini-wearer, but it’s still pretty breathtaking in the wide range of people it’s potentially insulting to…

    Oh just realised it’s probably from the profanisaurus so it doesn’t count.


  60. poor lisa says:

    Just to clarify i’m not up with the conversation, I don’t mean what you said about Lynne Truss whoever that is, what you said about men who date Asian girls. (perhaps you meant women?)


  61. Bento says:

    I can’t take this any more.

    I’m sorry Lynne (okay, you too, DFOC). I was given a copy of Fowler’s Modern English Usage as a 21st birthday present (all those years ago), an OED for my 30th, and Eats, Shoots and Leaves for Christmas – I can’t pretend to hate a fellow traveller, even for comic effect.

    Are we friends again?

    Not completely unrepentant. Cunt is still just about my favourite word.


  62. Bento says:

    @60 – and presumably the rule does not hold true for Asian men?


  63. skink says:

    I first read the line about asian girls being ‘the last stop’ in the novel ‘Middlesex’ by Jeffrey Eugenides, and I have personally known two people who it applied to.

    apart from that, it is a wonderful line exactly because of the breadth of its offence, and because there is truth in it.


    getting plenty of mileage from that site today.


  64. skink says:


    no, I didn’t mean ‘girls’.

    I should of course have said “young ladies”


  65. Bento says:

    @64 – I think you meant ‘wimmin’.

    I once knew a lady (wimmin) in Canberra who changed her name from ‘Amanda’ to ‘Awomda’. True story.


  66. poor lisa says:

    It’s still not completely worse than what bento said. Now if Howard had a wife or girlfriend who was Asian and you said it on his blog.


  67. This might have to move to feminist andcetera blog Hoyden about Town, where a TWOP post recently proved popular.


  68. skink says:

    I do not think there is any limit to how bad you can get when baiting Sattler. As Bento pointed out, he has said much worse himself without any attempt at hyperbole for comic effect.


  69. Bento says:

    I only had to scroll half a page before encountering ‘hegemony’ used without apparent self-consciousness. Glad to see some things never change.


  70. I’ve always felt that Gramsky’s 3 levels of hegemony was not enough. I pride myself on having a dozen. Sometimes more.


  71. Bento says:

    You can never have too much hegemony. It’s once you start subverting the dominant paradigm that you encounter problems.


  72. Bill O'Slatter says:

    Skink “breadth of its offence, and because there is truth in it.” Oh dear Skink I think you have drunk too deep of the truthiness of the Nurrisphere i.e one observation of a phenomena is enough to generalise for all time.


  73. skink says:

    I have also learned from Nurry that if you carefully insert the word “sometimes” or ‘often’ into the same gross generalization, you can excuse yourself from any accusation of universality of said truth.


  74. Bento says:

    @72 – Bill O: offensive generalisations are the official currency of TWOP, surely.

    We’re on target for 100, for sure. And it looks like being one of the most offensive threads yet, too. Lesbians, Christians, gays, Sattler, Sattler’s mother, cunts, feminists, Nurry, Margaret Court, strippers, Asians, white people, deconstructivists, Lynne Truss, DFOC, skink and St Thomas have all copped a barrage.


  75. And Gramsky. I’d send him a cunt ‘kini for having to study those hegemony levels.


  76. skink says:

    I haven’t copped such a pasting since the old debates about art with Groggy. it’s quite envigorating.

    I note that Lisa still carries her ‘poor’ tag like a badge of honour.


  77. poor lisa says:

    @72, skink observed it not once but twice so it’s not a generalisation, it’s fact.

    Skink you take it much better than groggy. You haven’t called anyone drool o’slather yet.
    Yes I love my tag, I just need a good avatar now. Actually I’ve thought of the perfect one, how do I put it on?


  78. poor lisa says:

    Oh that is a great blog.


  79. Bill O'Slatter says:

    Remember troops there are civilians and the enemies military. The enemies military are the one’s you shoot at.


  80. poor lisa says:

    One of those moments I’m embarrassed to be a feminist.


  81. Bento says:

    @80 – Hurrah for poor lisa’s gravatar!


  82. Bill O'Slatter says:

    Lisa don’t start quoting Groggy or a fake frenchman name a
    Jean-Claude Le Bottomey will turn up.


  83. David Cohen says:

    What about cunt mankinis for us blokes?? I’ll buy one for Mike Ward.


  84. skink says:

    it just occurred to me that my use of Jane Austen may have given the impression that I was proposing that the asian thing is a universal truth, rather than a passing observation

    I really hate being taken literally, especially when I am being literary.


  85. Bento says:

    @84 skink – Ask Sattler, the plural of ‘anecdote’ is ‘evidence’.


  86. skink says:

    I wonder what would happen if I posted that asian thing on the Hayden blog

    that would be a flaming to behold. it would solve the gas crisis

    feminist sci-fi fans: what an arresting combination.


  87. Rolly says:

    Well, I’ve had a cunt of a day and am in no mood to create humorous, obscure, oblique, objectionable and puerile comments in my usual way so I’m just posting this to add to the stats :(


  88. #86. The Hoyden creators are readers and occasional commenters over here. It’s often a very interesting read.


  89. Bill O'Slatter says:

    #88 an very Gramscian in a lern-u-tainment kinda way.


  90. Cookster says:

    I would like to download a Sid the Sexist avatar – tits oot for the lads – to counter Poor Lisa’s effort, but I can’t be fucking shagged.


  91. Isn’t that what you have now Cookster?


  92. Bento says:

    @88 LA – well, this thread should show up on their radar (assuming they regularly Google ‘lesbian’, ‘cunt’ and ‘Gramsci’, so that they don’t miss an opportunity to challenge the hegemony).


  93. Snuff says:

    Looks like I picked the wrong day to quit sniffin’ glue, and to be offline, @ 74. The new TWOP year is off to some start.

    Nevertheless, I’ll begin back with apostrophes. Personally, I might have opted for the possessive apostrophe, notwithstanding that “many large organisations now drop the ‘ completely (e.g. Barclays Bank, Missing Persons Bureau) when publishing their name” , were it not for the possibility that they’ve misspelt “whirled”, and perhaps “holesale”. I’m not convinced that they didn’t run out of room for “topless waitress”, either.

    I’d have to second Bento’s question @ 62, otherwise the maths are completely beyond my comprehension, and also his hurrah for poor lisa’s gravatar @ 81, even though I still would have preferred this one.


  94. lauredhel says:

    I only had to scroll half a page before encountering ‘hegemony’ used without apparent self-consciousness.

    What unspeakable torture! Are you ok?

    Google tells me there have been nine mentions in the past three or so years in over two thousand threads. Five mentions were by commenters. Four were by posters: in relation to American markets, Puritanism, Ancient Rome, and economic rationalism.

    But don’t let that disrupt your Rorschachian flounce.


  95. Bento says:

    Blimey! You could set your watch by them.


  96. skink says:

    welcome Hoydonite

    I recall your username being flamed somewhere else – possibly on Sattlers blog

    on an entirely different matter – does anyone have a copy of yesterday’s West?

    apparently their economics correspondent, in his analysis of the current financial meltdown, said it was all linked to the economic theories of Milton Keynes.

    the West rather sheepishly printed a correction today, but I need the original in order to dissemminate it to the usual places in order to maximize embarassment for what can only be called a ‘Palinesque’ error


  97. I have mentioned hegemony at least 5 times in the past twelvemonth. I think Gramsky carked it during TWOP’s first year didn’t he?


  98. Actually it was Stuart Hall not Gramski that I would have liked to send a cunt ‘kini to. Just out of year 12 and having to study that! Our lecturer told us “I’m not trying to convert you to Communism – not that it would do you any harm…” He was Graeme Turner, who is currently at I think Bond or Queensland Uni, and frequently appears on radio as a cultural commenter. He at one time put out a folk album called Puzzle Ring, which i have not been able to find a reference to. Would have liked to include it as a worst sometime.


  99. cimbali says:

    I am just adding this here to bump the stats because I completely lost the thread of the conversation somewhere in the mid fifties.
    How about I mention that I spoke to a woman this week who on getting married recently, changed her surname to her husbands – only her married name is now Bosomworth!


  100. David Cohen says:

    Did you hear the one about the domineering fast bowler?

    His name was Hegemony Cricket.

    (is this comment #100??)


  101. The BCF says:

    I’m quite sure he’s a lovely chap but I cant resist it, I reckon Alexander Downer would just love this shop!! They’re thigh high “come fuck me boots” in the front arent they? Think of the garters and the fishnets!!!


  102. You see them all right.


  103. The BCF says:

    Theres a shot of none other than Sean Connery (in his early days) in a similar vaulted pair standing on a beach “conan” style somewhere!! Quite arresting!!


  104. The BCF says:

    A pair of those undies with “Todger goes here” would do me fine I think!


  105. Frank Calabrese says:

    Speaking of church leaders, on saturday I saw a TV worst that I’m not sure how to capture. Perhaps Frank can help.

    My kids were watching Saturday morning cartoons and there was a commercial featuring a headshot of Barry Hickey “Hi boys and girls. I’m Barry Hickey, Catholic Archbishop of Perth [That really got their attention]. [something about little animals, with hand gestures]…Jesus, little animals, etc. So come and visit me!’ and the url flashed up. That was it – it gave me some admiration for hillsong’s marketing, evil incarnate as they are. Imagine spending a fortune on an ad aimed at kids featuring nothing but Barry Hickey’s face and a web address.

    Do you mean this little gem ?

    All of Barry’s little “Homilies” are posted on his website for your viewing and worsting pleasure :-)


  106. poor lisa says:

    Ha! That’s great. How can I get something off the telly and put it online? Easy, go to the url that they show on the telly and you can find what they put on the telly, online.

    I just wasn’t made for these times!

    Thanks Frank you’re always a legend.

    Just going to get my kids out of bed now & make them watch it again.


  107. You can’t find an album cover or reference to Graeme Turner’s Puzzle Ring album can you Frank? Was in the remainder bins say 1983.


  108. poor lisa says:

    You can buy it it looks like


  109. poor lisa says:

    The google search also showed something on ebay but I couldn’t find it. That might have a picture.


  110. How come I google shit and get squiddly dot? Could be available at the same state library currently archiving TWOP.


  111. Frank Calabrese says:

    How come I google shit and get squiddly dot? Could be available at the same state library currently archiving TWOP.

    It is available at the State LIbrary for listening purposes :-) And if it’s a local recording it should be in the ABC Sound LIbrary who kept all their Australian Recordings when they moved to Fielding Street – though don’t count on 6PR having a copy, they probably gave it away to a school fete. Steve Gordon should have a copy though – we need you as a guest on The Way We Were :-)


  112. I’ll media tart anywhere. jjj, Insite, the OZ, The Post, the West, the Sunday Times, 6WF. 6PR hasn’t been banging at my door though.


  113. If it’s available for listening, would it have the cover? I seem to remember it was some kind of Celtic knot design thingy.


  114. And getting back to the topic, it still should have an apostrophe. Not the same as Barclays or missing persons. It’s a shop for strippers. no excuse for no apostrophe.


  115. Frank Calabrese says:

    If it’s available for listening, would it have the cover? I seem to remember it was some kind of Celtic knot design thingy.

    I believe they do hold the Albums complete with covers. Have you tried the Curtin FM library ? You’d be amazed what people donate :-)

    Here is the state library listing.


  116. Bento says:

    @114 LA – a puzzle ring, possibly?


  117. skink says:

    Nurry has pitched in with the She-Ra Pride thing

    apparently the whole issue was caused by an article he wrote two years ago

    he doesn’t care if people are gay, he just doesn’t want to see their bottoms in the street.

    I guess the same argument went for the Eagles when they won the flag. we know they are AFL players, but did they really have to flaunt it by having a parade through the streets wearing tight shorts?

    please send him a cunkini. NOW!


  118. Paracleet says:

    I’m not sure cunkini rolls off the tongue:


  119. Snuff says:

    @ 115 I’m with you, TLA. Zero tolerance.


  120. I can just about see Strippers World from my place…

    Last time I looked tho, the google van hadn’t been down this far


  121. What the bloody ‘ell has google got against Bulwer Street anyway?


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  123. Grrr says:

    @ 103 – The BCF, that image you mention would be – I’ll bet – a publicity still from Zardoz. It’s quite something.


  124. Cookster says:

    125 is a far superior number to 124.


  125. The BCF says:

    124 Grr: Indeed…..the loin cloth cod piece is something else as well!! No doubt one can be aquired at Strippers World


  126. My Ning says:

    Dear P Nurry

    Seeing everyone’s going on about the butch lezzos and rimming poofs, let me begin by linking the Beijing Olympics with the Perth gay parade and then say that I understand it all so much that I don’t understand it.

    Just because a person is a lezzo or poof, and just because we live in a time when lezzoness and poofery is acceptable, why do they (and I’ve got nothing against them) insist on showing us their pubes and buttocks every year at a parade that I never bother going to (but still manage to know everything about)?

    Really, it’s kind of like being a hack journo writing in a weekend throwaway rag who just goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on about something they think they know but really don’t know anything about.

    I mean why should we, as the newspaper reading public, be subjected to such drivel?

    That uppity Cheng bitch might think she has a point when a bunch of slavs go out to beat up a few carpet eaters and poop tubers in some eastern European dive, but aren’t they asking for it when they so obviously flaunt their gear in public to that horrible music that isn’t ABBA?

    Let’s face it – there are queers and dykes everywhere (I suspect my little doggie might be one), but not all of them want to come out of the closet. And why should they? As for me, I can tell them a mile off (perhaps my doggie is the exception here) – that’s why I waited until Chris Masters had ALREADY published his book on Alan Jones and the ABC had run 100 stories to plagerise before coming out of my own closet to write my 10 page piece on the whole thing.

    I’m an older Australian who’s open minded enough to think that it all doesn’t matter. And I’m willing to write a 20,000 word blathering article – complete with lifts from other stories – to make this point.

    PS – and while I’ve got nothing against poofters, I hate the cinema of Kennth Anger, Luchino Visconti and Pedro Almovadar. I also hate the films of that hi-brow wanker Jim Jarmusch, who might not be a poof but sure looks like one….


  127. Paracleet says:


    Yes it is a little hard to follow. Bit stream of conciousness like.

    What we need here is a Powerpoint presentation.


  128. Nurries needs to be photoshopped with his arse hanging out the gay pride event.


  129. skink says:



  130. Groucho says:

    Has anyone noticed that LA has gone and shown his “mannequin” fetish to all and sundry. We knew about his “kerbing” fetish but this one is shameful….


  131. I actually do own a formfit bra model lamp.


  132. ratbag23 says:

    I can’t be arsed reading all 133 comments, but I concur with Vic Demised at the top there, as regarding the use or non-use of the apostrophe. About a month ago, the Weekend Australian Review section letters page went on for a few weeks after some stupid pedant who rejoices in the name Michael Strangeways Price picked up on the phrase “Brisbane Writers Festival” and argued that it needed one of those possessive punctuation thingeys. He was thoroughly slapped down. Ultimately the paper said that the use of the word “writers” was adjectival.


  133. Snuff says:

    Bollocks. How was the Festival ? Oh, it was very writers.


  134. And there’s not really any room for doubt with Strippers World. It’s not someone’s name, and there is no chance of it being adjectival.


  135. Grrr says:

    Am I the only person here who, whenever anyone mentions a “little doggy” is instantly drawn to humming ‘Sex Dwarf’ by Soft Cell?

    I can’t be.


  136. skink says:

    @134 I agree, it’s adjectival.

    the apostrophe problem is simply caused by both the possessive and plural forms of ‘stripper’ taking an ‘s’.

    to illuminate any such situation, replace the word with ‘mice’

    would it be ‘Mice World’ or ‘Mice’s World’ ?

    would it be a ‘Mice Festival’ or a ‘Mice’s Festival’ ?

    can we move on now?


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  138. There is no possible misunderstanding that this is not a possesive. It is a world FOR strippers. A world belonging to strippers. There is no chance that it is supposed to be adjectival or a world of plural strippers in there. Therefore it just looks stupid and wrong. Unlike my frequent spelling and grammar mistakes, it is not possible to correct with an edit.


  139. poor lisa says:

    I still think it’s adjectival, because you can buy/hire strippers in there, plural if you want.

    They also have a pole-dancing studio (ljuke, for more role-playing opportunities).


  140. Fratelle says:

    Wow you guys have No Idea!
    You are all Sad actually


  141. Anonymous says:

    I assume your wife led you to this store?
    How sweet of her, how much a night does she make and where can i check her out?

    The sex industry is a beautiful thing.

    The nation needs it, hell even our P.M.

    So ask yourself if you were a high school drop out, heroin addicted whore that stripped for a living…. Such as the author of this article’s wife.

    Then ask whether or not you would like to buy your outfits from an adult shop (Where any perv can dwell), or a place dedicated to the line of work you are in?

    Untill then, get the fuck over it and check out the gay mens sex club in Mount Lawley across the road from nandos and hungry jacks.


  142. I don’t know what that all means Anon. Did you have a point? The gay place is closed by the way.


  143. David Cohen says:

    yeah TLA. you dwelling perv!


  144. Bill O"Slatter says:

    I am upset that anonymous , after all the discussion of the use of apostrophes , completely buggered it up with the schoolboy howler of “author of this article’s wife.” and general random capitalization. This entitles him to a night of solid rogering at his nearest open gay sauna.


  145. Snuff says:

    Why would Anonymous want to check out this article’s wife, anyway, when he’s clearly just here to promote his club in Mount Lawley ? Unless …


  146. Anonymous says:

    Oh you sexist lot! Why are you all so quick to assume i am a he? Why i’m sure most of you lot are in your offices procrastinating from pondering lifes existence by clicking onto this website, pretending as though you all only use the internet to have meaningless debates rather than watch pornography.

    As for the elderly whom suggested i bother to even read your comments.

    What a laugh, read all the comments? C’mon now, get a life.

    Cheerios my pretties.


  147. Bento says:

    “Life’s”. Please make a note.


  148. Bento says:

    “As for the elderly whom suggested i bother to even read your comments.”

    This is a fragment, not a sentence. Please make a note.

    I suspect your use of “whom” is also incorrect, although this has always been something of a mystery to me. I’m sure someone else here (Cohen?) can clear this up – please be sure to pay attention, and avoid repetition of similar errors.


  149. Anonymous says:

    Dearest Bento

    Does it hurt to know you were never considered good enough to be published?


    I bet this would piss you off.

    Angie ain’t analyitical the bitch be hypocritical.

    Go on… edit it…. I know you want to.

    You see my lovely, the more error you spot.

    The more of a nuisance i become. Go ahead, make my day.


  150. skink says:

    congratulations LA, your first troll.

    unfortunately you have attracted one that is devoid of wit or charm, but blessed with Groggy’s Tourette’s and Anne of WA’s random capitalisation.


  151. Bill O"Slatter says:

    Yeah Anon you’ll shortly be more famous than a famous Famoustani , but wait you’re anonymous , d’oh.


  152. The prose is a little familiar no?


  153. David Cohen says:

    Those sentence fragments are killers, Bento. Almost as bad as apo abuse.



  154. Bento says:

    Does the Western Independent count as ‘published’?


  155. Ljuke says:

    Yeah, LA, why do you always assume I am a woman too?


  156. ’cause you break just like a liittle girl.


  157. Snuff says:

    Yes, Bento, “whom” is obviously incorrect, but I can’t even be bothered explaining why, as the illiterate lame troll Anonymous is just as obviously a totally lost cause.


  158. margeryx says:

    Use of ‘whom’ has something to do with prepositions and clauses. Something…


  159. Oh and Bento,
    “Does the Western Independent count as ‘published’?”

    Oh god bless you no. No it doesn’t.


  160. Bento says:

    I didn’t think so.


  161. Sergej says:

    Hmm. Anonymous appears to an American drag Queen (hence the obvious and deeplky rooted psychosexual guilt in his/her/its ramblings) who was deeply scarrred by undergraduate studies in semiotic theory (hence the incomprehensible nature of the ramblings) or pretensions to being a poet (the only viable excuse for the incomprehensible nature of the ramblings).

    For my money Bento performs a useful public service. I say bring back public floggings for those who torture the English language needlessly. Private canings on bare bottoms can probably be arranged by androgynous Anonymous (or should that be Androgynous Anonymous? Over to you, Bento).

    BTW, does Bento stand for Japanese takeaway (in which case it ought to be Bentō), the FilemakerPro database product, the former Portuguese goal keeper or the old OpenDoc object oriented persistence layer (format)?


  162. David Cohen says:

    That’s just his first name. You may refer to him as Mr Verbackwards.

    I’m here for the rest of the week! Try the NotBacon!


  163. Bento says:

    Erm, the last one.


  164. poor lisa says:

    Strippers World made it into the list of Australia’s Strangest Shops along with shops that sell marbles and umbrellas.


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  166. poor lisa says:

    Noticed this morning that this business is for sale.


  167. shazza says:

    Speaking of cunts, did anyone see page 59 of todays West?
    Perhaps I have spent too much time on TWOP or possibly the refraction of light led to an optical illusion, but that Iluka pit looked a little like.. well you know.


  168. poor lisa says:

    Vanished worst. Nobody bought it.


  169. david says:

    do ythey sell platform heels and boots.
    i have a high heel fetish thats why


  170. Svetaprettygirl says:

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  172. The Legend 101 says:

    Did you really have to post this the first picture is racist because of the word on the flag. The second one is gross and the third one well its just straight google maps.


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  174. John Forrests Head says:

    Opening hours 11-5…fucken lazy cunts


  175. John Forrests Head says:

    Yep, putting in an epic procrastination session. Started visiting about 2 months ago and thought it was time to hit the archives. The vanished worsts are sad, but that said Perth is like the Hydra of shit, kill one worst and 2 grow back…sometimes on the same site!


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