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Vertical Insertion 

Magnificent if baffling vertically crushed letterbox. I’m assuming it was run over but then reinstalled flattened. I haven’t seen such a magnificent example for many years. Ever since a Flamingo’s slot closed for the last time In what 2010?  Look at … Continue reading

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Yagan’s Revenge?

The Barnett government has made it hard to get to the oddly soulless Ellenbrook, and maybe that’s a good thing. Dodgy Perth has previously detailed Pedo Sirling’s unhealthy pursuit of this child. Why she has been rendered headless and “joyfully … Continue reading

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Ground Zero

How many years has this Guildford Hotel crap been going on? I would have been happy with demolition by now. What do we think of the new proposal? I admit that at first I was of the opinion that the … Continue reading

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Verge Vibrancy

For out of towners, Perth has this moronic system of verge pickups, where the local council will pick up discarded fatback tvs and broken furniture on a specific date. This means that people litter the roadway with crap for months … Continue reading

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