Outrage Sunday 46 lonely and hard

Jebus raised his sunnies and asked her, “Yo, woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?”

Every pen-sucking gerbalist takes The Australian on Monday, for the Media supplement. I had to write to the editor last week after being assaulted by poor language. I also asked why the Ten Questions feature had 13 questions. There has been no reply and my letter wasn’t published.

Searing honesty is official TWOP policy, so we noticed this last week in the local paper of record.

And PerthNow knows those non-Anglo names, like Cometti, are tricky to get right.

And Bento’s lily-white hands shook with rage and spilt tea on his marble balcony when he opened Teh Voice: David ‘Jezza’ Bell claims such monstrous page layout fuck-ups are way above his pay grade.

Reporting, like Jebus, is in the detail. Here is the greatest-ever photo taken at any Sculpture by the Sea. Krazy Kym, through patience and skill, took a photo that sums up everything about the event, art, the beach, and life. It was a welcome restorative after reading in many reports that Chen Wenling’s work was 2m high, when as any fule kno it was 1.88m.

Frankly, it’s enough to abandon print for broadcast, where Aunty has a “vacancy for a highly motivated content maker able to thrive in a time critical environment”. Good DAY, sir.

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8 Responses to Outrage Sunday 46 lonely and hard

  1. skink says:

    are we alwed to say who Radisich slept with now?


  2. The real worst is Joe Spagnolo


  3. orbea says:

    I like this post by Deefock
    I detest wordpress changes


  4. rottobloggo says:

    It was remiss of me to not point out Bar Hur led the revolt of the Judean innkeepers when too much Roman red tape meant his Grockle small bar was not open in time for Hannukah.


  5. rottobloggo says:

    I note Ten Questions was only nine questions today.


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