Outrage Sunday 204 the commercialisation of spruut

I think this was the first time spruuut reared its head on TWOP. A timely reminder after Bento shares his retail fetish. Sprutt a product? Why not, when Nirvana is lift music and there’s a small bar called Judgement at Nuremberg. spruut1spruut2
People only like art if they can go shopping afterwards. eBay, Gumtree are the place to view masterpieces in the Po-Vi age. IMG_1037IMG_1043
It’s enough to drive you to drink. Even cider in the street.IMG_0282

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8 Responses to Outrage Sunday 204 the commercialisation of spruut

  1. Rong1 says:

    The coffee table is from the winners of Good Housekeeping Australia.


  2. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Gotta get in early to beat the Schoolies. That’s evolution at work right there. Darwin was da man.


  3. El Guisto says:

    Those appalling little marsupial vermin! The get drunk, roam the streets and throw litter everywhere! Probably responsible for crime as well.
    Where are the French backpackers when you need them?


  4. you'll get wet says:

    It’s lonely away from your kindred and all
    By the campfires of Tentland where the wild quokkas call
    But there’s nothin’ so lonesome morbid or drear
    Than a rat with no straw and a can with no beer


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