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Shit Ute

NF#1 saw a “country certified” “shit ute” in Baysie. Is that a “Mark of The Knobhead” “Such is Life”? The “IS” seems to have an extra syllable. There’s the inevitable Ned Kelly on the rear, which I’m not going to … Continue reading

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Triple Threat

NF#1 returns with this. Is fly screen door fitter not an option? Midland. (N) IGA. Is there still a Natalia to be a fan of NF#1? This sounds like a Cold Chisel song. 

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I’m not going to celebrate Easter this year. I’m going with  BIAF – Bayswater International Arts Festival. It’s a thing. A better thing than your so called “easter” will ever be. Free wifi. By #NF#1.Your gozlemes will be powerful and … Continue reading

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Duchie No Pasaran

 NF#1 was in Midland again. Did they mean ambition and enthusiasm do not pass this point? For Midland, I assume that point would be Guildford?     

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Keep Off

You can take my cold dead shrub from my cold dad registered lawn. By NF#1. Embleton.    

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By NF#1. Maybe fuckets are a thing. In which case, your kerning is a disgrace. I SAID GOOD DAY. Although even Buckets for Jesus would have been worst worthy. Northbridge.

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You’re all to blame

Note: If anyone is crossing the “Cultural Centre” could they get a shot of the strips of “artworks” that have been painted on the pavers sort of near the “library”. Won’t be able to get there and need a picture. … Continue reading

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Pulled Meat

Ahhh a pulled meat first thing in the morning. One of life’s simple pleasures. By NF#1. Leederville.  

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Eat, Drink, Chicken, Love

Drinking and chicken is an effective anti depressive! I have taken the cure many, many times myself. By NF#1. Northbridge.  

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So he only plays stuff from The one Miley Cyrus album?  Or just songs that…bangz? In any case someone’s going to be disappointed. PS. Sofa. Excellent work from NF#1. (N) IGA Mt Lawley. (Or Inglewood).  

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