Cocos Got Back

Some Cocos palms for you. Do not be distracted by the cyclist apparently wearing a heavy but cropped bearskin fur coat on a 37 degree day. Do not drop your eyes. Focus Cocos. There’s nothing to see lower down, stay on target.Do not under any circumstances look at the cyclist.  Don’t forget I’ll be on ABC Afternoon show with Gillo at 1pm today. I know she’s no Eoin Cameron ( aaaaarch puke) but unlike Eoin, she won’t be doing the same show she was doing 35 years ago.

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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79 Responses to Cocos Got Back

  1. Frank Calabrese says:

    Not Mad Dog per Chance ?

    Oh and ask her about her mum and how her previous place of employment eploys Dr Karl, Jenny Satan, Brendan T Moylan and his god awful Country Music (He was the MC at the City muster) and of course Peter (EDR) Waltham.


  2. shazza says:

    Cocos = Worst.
    Registered Lawn = Worst
    Bike Riding Wooly Mammoth = Not Worst.


  3. monkeypants says:

    Good god, that photo brought a wave of intense homesickness over me that i wasn’t expecting. Hot dry cocos bright glaring heat brick brick brick. aaaahhhhh. memories.

    Bike riding woolly mammoth = Genius Shazza!


  4. Bento says:

    Why are all Yeti photos just slightly out of focus?


  5. rolly says:

    It’s would be bad enough having all that fur in 40˚C, but imaging the extra heat build-up as a result of the increased wind drag as well as the extra physical effort needed to compensate for it!

    Brave, brave heart, for sure.

    Most decidedly ‘not worst’.


    • David Cohen says:

      Haiku 6006:

      Cyclist Rolly is
      Riding south for the winter
      Showing his cocos.


    • Clavdivs I says:

      I’d say his hirsute condition may actually be quite effective in improving aerodynamic efficiency. Without the fur he’d be creating a much larger envelope of low pressure drag. Think dimples in the golf ball style.

      All lycra tosspot cycling suits should come with an additional layer of human fur for this very reason. We could be winning cycling gold, swimsuit style if all our Olympic cyclists looked like our grizzly friend here.

      Then there’s the additional benefit of cancer reducing SP factors, it must be up there with the finest reef oils available to humanity.


  6. rolly says:

    PET ( = Please Excuse the Typos.)


  7. Kwality says:

    I don’t think it’s Mad Dog, unless he’s traded his 70’s ten speed for a more modern bike. And bought some shoes.


  8. Jack says:

    Not Mad Dog, this is the Hairy Bike Riding Man. Both have facebook fan pages.


  9. David Cohen says:


    Such magnificently erect yet dilapidated palms.

    I assume this masterpiece is yours, TLA, as there’s no credit?


  10. Shreiking Wombat says:

    Cocos palms my arse. They are hideous alien death-monsters who are simply biding their time.

    Open your eyes, people!


  11. Pfortner says:

    Words fail me, this is the kind of divine worst that operates entirely in the visual sphere


  12. Shreiking Wombat says:

    Gratuitous Things That Shit Me: Fairfax headlines edition:-

    “Woman hit in head by golf ball.”
    “Next big thing – Jen may have to chew fat”
    “‘SBY’s gift to PM stirs a storm in teacup”

    You can’t make this up.


  13. WAtching says:

    Come to think of it…

    TLA: What compelled you to take that shot? The Cocos or the rider?

    You didn’t follow him for a few k’s until a Cocos came into sight? You could have got him with this…

    Did you follow him all the way to Dog Swamp?

    Did his tail Wag? Do Yetis have a tail?


  14. Bedford Crackpot Fraternity.. says:

    Did i hear the rustling of hair in the long bushes,the murmur of scouldered farts in the hallway,nay,just the quiet trembling of follicles and the angst cry of back,sack & crack waxing at midnight….Oooowwwwww!


  15. Oli says:

    OMG saw the same bloke with his top off riding on Wanneroo RD about 2 weeks ago.


  16. Adrian says:

    Spotted on Wanneroo Rd yesterday evening – so the mythical man rides in winter as well as summer. It was too dark for a snap and no enough palms in sight.


  17. Jim says:

    This guy is well known nor perth. Wanneroo rd come hail rain or searing heat. No shirt! He works at the Australian taxation office too!


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