Bothering the Botherers

Two graffitis, one from the god bothering community, and one from the god bothering botherers. Don’t you think it a little outre that someone liking God would graffiti  a place of worship? When I worked in film and video, it did always piss me off that one of the best video production facilities in Perth had been taken over by Salvos. This is the former Taimac on William Street Northbridge, now a temple to some dumbarsery  or other. But when it was a video facility, it was also a temple to dumbarsery i suppose, but not quite as dumb as it is now. And speaking of religious worsts, a recent trip to Rottnest reminded me how we were forced to go to church every day at this chapel while on holiday. We didn’t go to church every day when at home. Fucking outrage!textsalvosrottoch

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46 Responses to Bothering the Botherers

  1. monkeypants says:

    here is a text message back to god – albeit a drink and text message but still good. do you think god sends drunk texts?


  2. shazza says:

    TLA, Mr Shazza and I highly recommend the alter in the Rotto church for a bit of late night shenanigans.


  3. Snuff says:

    You may not exist, god, but behold the atheist’s nightmare.


  4. skink says:

    hours of fun (well, minutes) with the church sign generator:


  5. G'day from WA says:

    That’s not a real txt msg frm God. If it was, it would be spelled i dnt xist


  6. David Cohen says:

    The island has been racked by shazza’s revelations.

    An investigation will be mounted.

    It will be codenamed Operation Roger.


  7. Chainge Daile says:

    text message from Chainge Daile to God ‘htf did you get my number? Stop txting me! we broke up dammit!’


  8. my ning says:

    If I recall correctly, didn’t Laurie Connell have something to do with Taimac and its subsequent demise.

    If this is so, maybe this is a ridgy didge message from the late man.

    It actually all makes sense – Lozza carks it in 1994 a broken shell of a person, probably still with a Bondie-Burke fixation. Suddenly he’s up is Heaven and hey presto – he’s seen the light (unless of course God actually enjoyed the 80s – then we have some unresolved issues).

    I must admit, I was wondering who wrote the religious messages on the front cover of my Paul Barry book on Bond.

    For a while I thought it might have been either Robert Holmes a Court or Kerry Packer, before it occured to me that they both probably ended up in hell.

    Someone should pull this sign down and get it to the museum – it’s probably as valuable as the Shroud of Turin.


  9. re: The Rottnest visit. Did you notice the stupid amount of motorised traffic?

    I posted a whinge on RottoBloggo Cohen’s site, but he doesn’t appear to agree or give a shit.


  10. stu says:

    I O God ??

    Are we to derive from this that said graffiti artist gives God head? One way to assure entry to heaven…I guess


  11. Big Ramifications says:

    I think this was #1 in the Prosh newspaper top 40. Under the “weeks in” section it had a number greater than 1000.



    • Big Ramifications says:

      Get it? A number greater than 1000 means it was in the top 40 for three years or more.

      Being so outrageous makes it funny.


  12. Big Ramifications says:

    Er, I just saw (alternate version). I’m not sure if this is a piss take or the real ad than ran for 3 years solid. No speakers at the moment.


  13. Big Ramifications says:

    Here’s a good one where a preacher guy a says “pinch their tits” instead of “pitch their tents.”

    He also seems to be visibly affected by drugs. Unless it’s the Holy Spirit.


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