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Flamin’ Mongrel

It’s a flamin’ bible you flamin’ mongrel, just be sure there’s no flamin’ homosexuals inside. By Giv.D.Bird. Malaga, or as they say here, Malaaaaaga. Nice high tension pylon in bg. Perhaps that’s why their bibles are always flamin’ on fire.

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He died for his sins

Mostly the North Vietnamese didn’t destroy churches, but apparently this local priest did a bit of spying for the South on the side, so they bombed it and killed him. Then someone drew a willy on it. Quite nicely modelled … Continue reading

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A New Hope

I have to go back to WAtching for this, but I am going to have to post several a day to clear the backlog of good material I’m getting. Here is the desolation of hope in White Gum Valley. Now … Continue reading

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Satan wins Church Battle

Orbea visited a worst I had up a year and a half ago (Satan please use rear door) with an update. The some kind of orthodox place is still fighting satan until the demolition finally turns it into a vanished … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 21

Just another reminder of the sinister hold pap merchant Andre Rieu has over the city. This is just a small section of the wall of DVD’s. If you’ve never heard his spine shredding version of Waltzing Matilda… Imagine a trio … Continue reading

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Aguirre The Clown of God

Does anyone, ANYONE know what’s going on in this video? The guys in the hats looking slightly more ridiculous than the guy who appears to be an actual clown. What was in the matchbox that passed hands? Mull seeds? A … Continue reading

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Carlisle existence is suffering

Do you want four paths to the cessation of suffering with that? A drive-through Buddhist temple in Carlisle. I’ve always felt that individuals were trapped in an endless cycle of birth, death and suffering in the whole Carlisle area, particularly … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 16

In the tradition of using Weekend Worstoffs to display some international efforts, here are a couple of USA worsts harvested by Fraser. Is one the cause of the other? Thanks Fraser. I know World drag a dead Italian around day … Continue reading

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Friday Worstorama 1

You know that I generally prefer original material, but there are so many outside links and pics that deserve our attention, I’m going to make Fridays Worstorama Day, where we can look at some interesting snippets of Perth and even … Continue reading

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Cult Movie

The Worst Of Perth was six months old this week, roughly coinciding with 200,000 views, 250 posts and 5000 comments! Who would have thought the city and the world would embrace worsts so enthusiastically? Thanks to everyone for their suggestions, … Continue reading

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