Outrage Sunday 6

If Salvador Dali had snorted cocaine off the oiled belly of Dr Parnassus and sneezed into an XXX-rated version of High 5 being watched by a jaded Hunter S. Thompson pretending to be Paul Murray writing tomorrow’s column – it might have come close to these three images from JJ. Don’t look too closely at the reflection in that second image lest you be turned into a pillar of dukkah.

Thank God for Bento and the simple worsts he sees while taking the missus to the zoo.

I was checking the incoming links to TWOP, and I was pleased to see we have a fan in Istanbul! Titreklik!

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11 Responses to Outrage Sunday 6

  1. RubyRuby says:

    But why leave the John Hughes sticker on the car? Surely one wants only to display one’s deepest passions on one’s chariot?


  2. Bento says:

    You had me at XXX rated Hi 5. .


    • Jaidyn-Jaxxon says:

      Me too. As long as it’s Kathleen-era Hi 5, phwoar


    • skink says:

      I liked it that the writers of Hi-5 would always put something in for the Dads.

      I remember once they were all dressed as boats. Kathleen was dressed as a tugboat. One of the boys broke down, and Kathleen offered him a tug.

      Charli always found some reason to get down on all fours, usually when she was pretending to be a little doggy.


  3. The Legend 101 says:

    Maybe those people live in Armadale and the plant is so expensive!


  4. Hugh Jass says:

    That’s a worst right there. Someone who takes a photo of their monitor because they don’t know how to take a screenshot.


  5. Snuff says:

    Putting their differences aside, Hunter welcomed the agreement.


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