Outrage Sunday 298 empathy

Enough with the UK election and the Comey covfefe and the Twitter madness. Time for a shot of night-time tranquility, empathy, and integrity. KK took this on the way home from a musical event (or “gig”, as they say). How can something be both beautiful and terrifying?
Enough with the mansplaining while in socks and Crocs.
Bangalla Court is looking a little denuded. No sign of Fraka. Perhaps she’s flown south to Bertram for the winter.
As it’s Outrage Sunday, let’s finish with some religious art. This Jesus looks like James Cromwell. I’m getting an Inca vibe from the others people. I prefer the “sermon in Stepford“.

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9 Responses to Outrage Sunday 298 empathy

  1. Rong1 says:

    And there’s only 197 shoplifting days till Christmas.


  2. Zuben says:

    ‘ Who , if i cried out , would hear me among the hierarchy of angels ? … for beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror which we are barely able to endure , and [ by which ] we are awed because it disdains to annihilate us … ‘

    — R M Rilke

    But in this case it seems more a sort of streetscape combining primitive urban landscaping with a setting of indifferent ( and for that reason , charming ) modernist architecture and typography — the last either characteristically disposable when obsolete , or else kept safe behind endemic and bland plate glass membranes pretending not to be there .


  3. Re: the twitter exchange
    You have just outed yourself as an A-grade , I’m retiring from an industry that has given me my life wanker.
    How would the ABC survive without the bat phone to union HQ to tell them what to run each day
    and if you need evidence of union thuggery here it is with these standover men


  4. hillz50 says:

    that guy on the train isn’t wearing cros,

    this place is so judgemental even when there is no idea what is being judged


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