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Outrage Sunday 279 Midland fences

Only 41 days to go! Empty houses, barbed wire, spacious tarmac, lights blazing – it’s all happening. Looking forward to the candidate poetry slam next week. Will the ALP’s villanelle series see them hang on, or will the Liberals‘ non-rhyming … Continue reading

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Early Opening

Ljuke shares the sight of this pair trying to get into the (played) Guildford Hotel at 10am. Surely they could find a $20 toasted sandwich and Foxtel somewhere nearby? Outrage’s place perhaps? Now that the novelty has worn off, is … Continue reading

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Celebrate the knobbing off of the Guildford Hotel (or was it knobbing out? Titting off?) with some Swanville legopener as seen by Pete F. And just because the knob is up, doesn’t mean you can burn the place. Don’t burn … Continue reading

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Knobbing Off

Check out Ray Sparvell’s classic “Nothing has happened still and again“, story on the Guildford Hotel. Although it seems the knobbing off ceremony is a little closer. I hope Outrage is on hand. Ta Bento.

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The New Taj – Guildford Hotel

I see that the roof boozie for the Guildford Hotel is almost done. I don’t have to tell people not to burn it right? If I do, then don’t burn it dudes. It could put back the resumption of Vic … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 217

There was a vigil at the Guildford Hotel. Is that place not a Dan Murphy yet? Hope Outrage was there. The temptation of a pankake might have moved him. As seen by The Colour H. Pete F sends in this … Continue reading

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As a crusading editor, I feel an obligation to give back to the city. Therefore please join my campaigns to close Mt Lawley Station and demolish the Guildford Hotel. See my recent letter to Transport Minister Buswell on the first … Continue reading

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Irrational Hatred #6 The Guildford Hotel

I’ve just about had enough of The Guildford Hotel. In the light of some more ineffectual protesting highlighted by Outrage Cohen, (the socks being another pathetic example), let me throw my weight behind the demolition option, so Guildfordwegians can have … Continue reading

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