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Broome Quality Cuts

Slanderer swears this is a non joke postcard he bought from Broome in the 80s. One of my regrets of this past ten years is that I never got to see how bad Broome actually is. So many people telling … Continue reading

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Coastal Boozie 2

Orbea took in some Broome Boozie. Perhaps a step up from Coastal Boozie One, but he didn’t document the flange or back door, so hard to tell.

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Northwest Ennui

Orbea was in Kununurra on Wednesday. But he brings you the highlight of Broome on Thursday. It’s no Kalamunda obviously.

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TC Christine

Don’t mess with the Bureau. I advise giving a wide berth to any organisation with gusts of 100kph. Thanks to WAToady. I dunno: will the big blow be as good as a certain 1958 red and white Plymouth?

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RubyRuby again discounting her claim that Broome wasn’t worst worthy. I will be in rurotardia myself. Be patient with comment moderation.

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I asked RubyRuby to confirm my predjudice that Broome was a craphole, (an opinion held by someone who had lived there) but she claimed the place was wonderful. Wrong answer RR. And yet, and yet she offers this from Chinatownthat … Continue reading

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Hook up with a local

Pravda snapped this in Broome. I have never been to Broome, but those who have, tell me it’s a total craphole, and that the only highlight, Chinatown, is apparently about half a metre long. The locals look good though eh? … Continue reading

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