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A Way 79 Western Australia 150th sticker mouldering away for nearly 40 years in a Curtin dunny. The urine fumes have bleached all but the fatal shore. Thanks to AW.  

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The classics

Although they could have gone Hitler mo, I still say Kudos. Simple and not overdone. Curtin bus station. A simple blackened tooth surpasses every one of the ultra shitty FORM wall pieces at Curtin. By a large margin. 

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Loading Jazzled

Yarn bombed parking bay Curtin. I prefer them vajazzled myself, but different strokes eh?

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Mounted Unicorns

A roadside tableau of poignancy and sensuality. Kent Street Karawara.

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Strangely I’ve had no worst photos from Curtin’s Oktoberfest. I saw the aftermath here though. I keep calling that beer Hausfrau rather than Hoffbrau. I like my pronunciation better. Munchen Hausfraus Batman!

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…on the white telephone

Since you all hated the last Curtin poster so much, here’s another which is more engaging. I had no idea that pub crawls still existed. I mean with insurance and liability problems, I thought this sort of thing was long … Continue reading

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