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Trees of the Past

I was in So Fro on arts business the other day – I was!  When this scene reminded me how played Willie Trees are. Are Frangipanis just pleasant smelling cocoses? That look like willies in winter? Are they?

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Survival of the fashionable

Dead wrong Pete F. It’s all about the death toll. Formerly Seaview Tavern So Fro, now SeaviewX So Fro.  

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Is this for…tree farts? In any case, it’s so SO Fro to be monitoring the carbon footprint of tree fluffies. By Pete F.

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Photo Op

Most photographers go to Coogee Power Station to get very boring shots of the graffitied interior. Boy are those shots played. Please stop taking them. Blow-in has wisely documented the beautiful belly up fish and tyre tableau outside. I think … Continue reading

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Rug Junction

I knew the curtains would match the carpets again one day! Suffer in your jocks if you had your flange lasered. Combover merkins to you. By Shazza. Do you really need me to tell you where this is? SoFro rugz … Continue reading

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Shippin’ Steel

More art on the move by Dave P. South Fremantle. You can’t see any knothole unfortunately.Well it is pretty bad I guess. But not bad enough to be interesting. Shame. Any likers?

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By Stu. With that jawline and the crossed eyes, surely it’s Liam Bartlett? South Fremantle.

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Weekend Worstoff 216

I may have forgotten to include a pic of this hideous Howard Johnson building in Wuhan. The gold dome does have a cocktail bar (no Mojitos) and a revolving Thai restaurant though. Looking through the glass gives the filthy Yangzte precinct an … Continue reading

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The first one is actually from Melbourne and Raph R., but the mysterious and enigmatic Phoenix may well have found his way to South Fremantle where his finding by Pete F – his rising from the ashes as it were, … Continue reading

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Fur Burger

I will give this a not worst if it really is chunks of some animal sewn onto stretch ribbed fabric. By Rob Pete F. South Fremantle.

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