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Played World

A Cartridge World and a wall mural. There was a small bar in a fire station when I was last there. Can a dozen rub and tugs be far away Busso? By Bento.  

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Coastal Boozie

Several annoying new norks have appeared down South recently. At Margaret River there’s a sculpture of a woman suckling a dolphin! Is that even legal? In any case this piece really fails the “is the location better for the artwork … Continue reading

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Busso Mazda

Bunbury Mazda no. But Busselton Mazda, yes, I could believe it. Home of the full bush. By Dave T.

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Mr Finklestein

I’m in Busso, which is why I’m giving you a pic by G.Rant from Japan.

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Sinking piss, drawing caricatures of Tim Winton, in a Moleskine, in Busso! Could a Monday get any better?

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Busselton Bronze

Well wouldn’t you know, Busso is planning on some boardwalk artistry, and total shock, have opted for – yes, figurative life sized bronzes. And Greg James, the man who was able to drain all life and interest out of Bon … Continue reading

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Two sharks for every boy

Busselton. Note ye well the twin water meters.

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Quenda my arse

Clem P saw this unknown animal in a Busselton playground mural. Is it a Quenda? A Chudich? The rare mainland quokka? Pity the pic isn’t bigger. Might be the latin name witten inside.

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Let’s get Risible

I have lost my faith in Busselton graphic design.Totally. Opportunity for a good “foot man” or woman to move into town. By me for a change.

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Lady’s Stubbie Holders

Stubbie holders. Another one like registered lawns to puzzle the outside reader. I wonder what they are called in Manhattes, if they even exist. This is in Busselton, where I am quite sure ladies were replaced by moles (and their … Continue reading

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