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Outrage Sunday 288 slow down

I found this deeply disappointing. Would it have killed Lego to have made this a gozleme van? “Cuban gozleme,” TLA said. “Even Lego pulled pork is played: Lego parklet next?” asked that wrist-bobber Bento. On the other hand, JK noted … Continue reading

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Infested with cocks

Can glory holes be said to be “infested” with cocks? Isn’t that their natural habitat? Populated maybe. In any case, a scene as interesting as a cock hole infestation has surely passed Leederville by some time ago. By Mark G. 

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Desk of Souls

I guess a DJ desk of skulls looks a lot better at night and when you are drunk, or …undead or similar. And the missing noggin? Daylight and sober, kind of crappy. Leederville. Statin Quarter.

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Flange MacPherson

I vaguely remember covering this poster years ago. But wouldn’t that just reflect Subiaco’s stultifying progress? (Ie backwards). And what could be more played than Elle? Parklets? Leederville? Only in Subi could Elle’s flange still be a thing. 

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So played it isn’t 

Your bike is a time machine in Leedy Tafe. It was suggested to me that Leederville is so tired and “over” that it’s actually back and unplayed to the max. And then you see this wall mural. Everything, EVERYTHING that’s … Continue reading

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Register or Perish

A mighty lawn registry. By Slanderer. Leederville. As usual the quality of the registration is the inverse square of the reality of the lawn. None shall pass. True story.  

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Self harm

Can someone finally tell me. Do Greens & Co. Graffiti their own sign? Are they actually called & Cock? What’s the cock deal? I have had their sign sent to me about 29 times in the past years. I believe … Continue reading

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Pulled Meat

Ahhh a pulled meat first thing in the morning. One of life’s simple pleasures. By NF#1. Leederville.  

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No Leederville Picnic

This is what’s missing from Subiaco. Although exactly what she’s doing isn’t entirely clear. Where is that picnic? Is this like hiding the chokito? By Daniel B.

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Coriol Anus

In the 7th year of TWOP and Perth has still learnt nothing about kerning. Or anuses. By IC.

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